I am interested to get acquainted with the guys from other cities would like to make friends and communicate with them later.

My most favorite hobby - a hobby vocals. My teacher - Anna Aleksandrovna Bulik - a teacher of the highest qualification category, the teacher, the Penza region, the winner of the contest Russian Teacher of the Year. She is very close to me man. I also do the piano in a music school in the town of Zarechny. With four years engaged in the choreographic ensemble "Rodnichek". Two years ago, I had to give up dance classes in favor of the occupation vocals. In January of 2017 he took the Grand Prix at the Sochi Festival with Igor Nikolaev song "The Voice". I like to ride with friends on a bike and rollerblading. With parents on weekends we like to go fishing on the rivers and ponds of the Penza region. At home I live cat and a dog. I love all animals. I'm curious, very cheerful and cheerful. I love to sing and dance, sing anywhere, anytime. I love to travel, especially by car with my parents. At school I was class monitor, with all classmates have a good relationship. The pop vocal studio "Desert", in which I am engaged, 20 compositions of different ages, I am friends with almost all of them.