I want to develop in the different creative directions (vocal, dances, acting skills, ability to inform the viewer of feeling, a thought and mood, to watch reaction of people to the happening action and to watch them, etc.)

I listen to music, and everything, than I wouldn't be engaged, everything occurs under it. Being engaged in a vocal, I go to "Water color" ensemble. With children and Bazarova Elena Eduardovna who is my teacher and the head of our ensemble constantly we participate in regional, international, regional competitions and we speak in our city at various actions. I try to participate, whenever possible, with schoolmates in public life of school and a class, we organize the presentations and performances for honor of school and a class in the educational and creative directions. In free time from study, generally I am engaged in creativity, I create something. For example, I draw both on paper, and on the computer by means of the graphic tablet. The graphic tablet, I use for design. Independently I master Web design – registration of various websites, groups by means of the photoshop program. Also I am able to mount video and to work with the camera. At the moment there are a lot of ideas for photos, I searching as well as where with whom to embody them. There is a wish not just to make some esthetic images, but also to open problems of mankind and to carry them people. All have got used to beautiful standards, but not all want to face the truth. In the photo everything is important: background, model, message, general harmony. I experiment, I try to do something and to invent the hands. Already I had an experience when I used old notes for registration of a background, it has turned out, in my opinion, not bad. Sometimes I write verses, everything depends on mood. When there is desire, like to esteem and look through in silence the book. At one time, I took dancing lessons, I went to lessons of "Street Dance". Houses, one, or with the sister or girlfriends, we dance under the kinect prefix, we organize dancing competitions. I can sometimes play a computer game with friends on network. I have a dog Labrador by nickname Torrey and a cat by nickname Alice, am engaged together with parents and the sister, their education. I like to go all family to movie theaters to a premiere of new movies and animated films and to discuss them all together after viewing.