All the children want to get here in order to learn something new

I have been doing academic vocals and playing piano for seven years. I like action. I actively participate in various competitions, castings ("School of Rosatom (Metasubject Olympiad)", "school of projects", "Magic of sound", "planet of talents", etc.). At the auction on the piano and vocals always occupy 1, 2 and 3 places. In 2017, she received the Grand Prix of the international level together with her sister. I am artistic, purposeful, hardworking, friendly, cheerful, optimistic, caring, honest. I love animals, fond of knitting, sewing, I love baking cakes and cookies, make different forgery (modular origami). Importantly in your friends – honesty, respect, sincerity of and sense of humor. Favorite color is red. Favorite classes at school-algebra, technology, computer science.