I would like to participate in a extendive creative project, and even in my native Russian language.

My name is Polina. I was born and live in Budapest with my parents. I learned to speak Russian at home, and Hungarian at kindergarten, almost simultaneously. Until I went to school, we had lived for two years in Russia, in St. Petersburg, where I went to a group of early development and made friends with my compatriots.
When I was 6, I started going to the vocal studio at the Russian Cultural Centre (Budapest). Since then I have been doing singing in an ensemble there. Recently, we performed at the “Cheerful Wind” international competition in Ljubljana, where the ensemble took the 1st place, and I also won the 1st place in the soloist category for children from 10 to 12 years.
In addition, I practice and perform in the children's choir of the Hungarian State Opera (Budapest) from the age of 6.
Since I love not only to sing, but also to move to music, from the age of 8 I went to a dance studio at the Madach Theatre (Madách táncstudió), where I have been working on ballet elements, modern dance, and since last year also do stepp.
I have many friends from school, from the choir and, of course, from the vocal studio! 
As soon as I learned about the project, I immediately wanted to participate in it. First of all, I really like to sing. Secondly, even though I sing in the children's choir of the opera, I also love modern music very much. Thirdly, I have a good sense of rhythm and I love to dance.
I like to perform and, although I get a bit worried on stage, I have already learned how to get concentrated and can overcome agitation.
I already participated in a children's musical project in Hungary („Vackor nyomában”), when the composer finished writing music directly for us, and I really enjoyed participating in this creative work. Of course, I would like to participate in a much larger creative project, and even in my native Russian language.