25 July 2012
Robertino Loreti was hosted by project participants of the «NUCKIDS»

The participation of the Russian stars in the international children's art project «Rosatom» «Nuclear Kids» as teachers or guests is a tradition. But this year, the boys are especially lucky. Legendary Italian singer Robertino Loreti came to them, whose voice is considered the standard of children's singing. The master answered on the questions and gave a few valuable advices.

Robertino Loreti reputation peaked in the early years, when he was almost the same age as the participants of the «NucKids». And this information boosted the interest. They asked the artist about a start of solo career and the secrets of success. And Vlad Grashkina and Leo Suslov demonstrated that, despite the age difference, they are familiar with the works of masters. The boys sang the famous "Santa Lucia" in Russian, and Robertino maestro were accompanied in Italian.

After that, Mr. Loreti was sharing the memories from childhood, telling how he started singing for the first time at the age of five, told about the post-war summer camps for poor children in Italy, which can’t be comparable with the "Orlenok" and revealed the secret why the Russian public is the favorite for him.

"The Russian public, the Russian people have known me and loved even before I had learned about the existence of Russia and the USSR. Of course, I love all the fans, but Russian ... They are real "- says Loreto.

At the meeting, at the instance of a singer director Alexei Frandetti, Loreto gave some advice to the children of «Nuclear Kids». One of them, which is the most valuable for novice singers, not to sing on bundles and not overwork.

"Well, since we are in a children's camp, then another advice. You can’t sing just right after swimming and football "- smiles Loreti.

It was absolutely obvious that despite the age, Robertino Loreti perfectly understands children.