10 July 2013
"NucKids-2013" have chosen the main characters of the future musical

The assignment of the roles in the future "NucKids" musical is a very exciting and long-expected event. "Nuclear" artists from 9 countries took part in last castings and they showed themselves as actors, singers and dancers. The most persuasive ones have got the main parts in the musical.

"Talents of the 21 century"

This year all the participants've read the script only a day before the assignment of roles. The secret was finally revealed and children got to know that they're going to play their coevals, members of the school newspaper that covers the international contest "Talents of the 21 century".

The relations between children are getting intense because of the fighting for the main roles. The director Vladimir Karabanov said that this play'd made children think about the justice and the line that people can't cross when they're striving for success.

Many modern children realize what goals mean in their lives and most children can set them. But they sometimes can't understand the difference between dreams and goals. Our aim is to distinguish between these two terms and made children realize that they have enough possibilities inside them to made their lives become colourful", - Vladimir Karabanov said.

Despite the complicated script and relationships between characters the Russian and foreign participants were able to highlight key points, grasp the peripeteias of the plot and fine points in the relationships among the characters.

"It's a story about the rules that we shouldn't break. You always have a chance to win if you stay being honest", - the participant from South Korea, Dan Bi said this during the discussion. 

The "mysterious" Malipuski and "kings" of backstage

Most of the main characters of the musical have the names of the participants from the previous year. According to the words of the author of the idea of the project, the head of Communication Department of the Corporation "Rosatom" Sergei Novikov,  this coincidence isn't of course accidental. 

"It's a conscious step. The children that have already taken part in the project won't only stay in the history of "NuclearKids", but also appear in our musical as characters this time", - Sergei Novikov said. 

The twins Dasha and Natasha Nikolaevy were wondering who was going to play "Malipuski" but they've already known the answer, because "Malipuski" is the nickname that Maxim Nedolechko gave to them. 

They're actually right, they really got the desired part. It wasn't so easy for other children to guess which role they're going to get, they had to try their intuition.

But we aren't going to torture the relatives and friends that are supporting our participants and we're presenting the cast of the future musical.

Olga Borodina and Darya Antonyik are going to play the character "Olya"; Vadim Povazhny, Alexander Kostin, Egor Kashcheev - "Naughty". Vlad Tashbulatov, Sergei Merzlyakov and Kirill Novikov are going to play the main intriguer Merzlyak. Sofia Strutinskaya, Alina Bulatova, Anastasiya Novikova and Kristina Kuznezova will test for the character "Dasha"; Vlad Tashbulatov, Lev Kajgorodcev and Vadim Povazhnyj for the role "Simon". Maria Zavizina, Maria Dudorova and Iyash Noimi are going to play a strict head teacher; Gleb Borisov, Ilya Korelskij and Emil Mariani - rapper. Gleb Borisov, Kirill Izvanov, Michael Judin are pretending to the role "Leo"; 

Daria Simonova, Maria Maslova and Arina Malkova - "Lyamchik". Colleen Kaufmann and Dorina Bariz are going to play the character "Colleen".

"Malipuski": Dasha and Natasha Nikolaeva. "Hooligan": Anton Titov, Vasilij Bogdanov. Artem Litvinov is going to play a saxophonist.

Stas Bamburov, Evgenij Belimov, Gleb Kajgorodcev, Kseniya Kiriya, Andrei Gyryanov, Vladimir Efremov, Viktoria Lapshakova, Maria Prohorec, Polina Saveleva, Ulyana Mazurina, Kseniya Krivosheina, Anastasiya Belygina, Anastasiya Shagalina, Idil Köker, Melisa Kaboglu are the members of the dancing group.

The ensemble is represented by Anna Dolgova, Lola Mirayapova, Kristina Chubrikova, Kirill Makuhin, Virag Ledneckij, Bograrka Bodau, Elizaveta Zima, Alina Kononenko, Veronika Leber, Artem Titov, Daniil Komarov, Valeriya Grinenko, Zlata Novoselova, Marina Andreeva, Anastasiya Belugina, Alexandra Pishchugina, Sajmon Kozma, Bence Horanij.

The "kings" of backstage are Pavel Dmitrienkov, Alexander Kochergin, Ivan Litvinov and Andrej Korchukov.

Children from Bulgaria and South Korea will take part in the musical performances.