16 July 2013
"NucKids" have become prize-winners of the contest "We are collecting friends"

The motto of "NucKids" is "good news every day"! On the 13th of July the children were rehearsing, attending master-classes and after dinner they went to the meeting where they got very good news. All five participants of the project, that had performed at the children's festival-contest "We're collecting friends", have become the winners. The festival is a part of the international movement "Silver star".

"At first the participants of the project "NucKids" wanted to perform hors concours. But having seen the performances of our children the jury has decided to reward them," - the assistant of the direction of information and work with the population at the nuclear power-station "Paksh", the president of the council of Russian compatriots in Hungary Tatyana Kern said.

Then she presented the children with certificates, cups and souvenirs that the organizers and the members of the jury had passed to them: the representative of the Ministry of Culture in Tatarstan Rusalia Denisova; the actress, the prize-winner of Russian contests and festivals Kseniya Zaharova-Velovik; the president of the international federation of Russian writers Oleg Volovik; the prize-winner of international ballet-contests, the teacher at the Hungarian dance school Denis Macuev.

Sasha Kostin has won the third place in the nomination "pop-vocal" among the 12-14-year-old performers, Vadim Povazhnyj - the second place in the nomination "pop-vocal" among the 12-14-year-old, Daria Antonyk and Vlad Tashbulatov - the second place in the nomination "pop-vocal" among the duos in the senior age category, Ilya Korelskij - the first place in the nomination "modern dance".

At the end of the meeting Tatyana Kern presented the head of Communication Department of the state Corporation "Rosatom" Sergei Novikov with the certificate from the founders of the festival "Silver star".

"Now start working!" - Tatyana Kern said and the children went to their rehearsals.

There are only 16 days left before the the premiere of the musical.