22 July 2013
The day of treasures and pirates on lake Balaton

"Are they going to swim out or not? That's the question", - the grown-ups of the project were wondering. But there is nothing to be worried about. "NucKids" didn't take part in the traditional contest of swimming across the Balaton that was lately held in Hungary. The race of the children was a creative and virtual one; 13 children participated in it during the most favourite party of the project - Happy Birthday's evening.

Vlad Tashbulatov, Polina Saveleva, Andrei Korchukov, Olya Borodina, Masha Zavizina, Alina Bulatova, Marina Andreeva, Kim Hunjung, Anya Dolgova, Emile Mariani, Ksenya Krivosheina, Boglarka Budai, Liza Matveeva found themselves in the boat of lucky ones who have their birthdays during the project "Nuclear Kids - 2013".

The team-leaders who have been preparing this evening, invited the heroes of the occasion to the sea voyage. They had to follow the route to reach the destination point and find the treasure (presents). The children received the pieces of the sea-map winning the contests that were prepared by the characters of fairytales who were played by our team-leaders. Other children congratulated their friends during the breaks between the contests, giving the musical and dancing performances and arousing the storm of wild applause. The youngest artists - Erika and Suren Nedolechko who acted the pirates, enraptured the venerable audience.

"The birthday children" sang the songs about the sea, drew the team-leader's portraits blindly, dressed up the mermaid for her date with the prince and did many other funny tasks. They collected all pieces of the map and reached the prizes -  the tablets, that were presented by the "main birthday person" of the project Anna Trapeznikova. It was rather symbolical that she congratulated the participants of the project on her own birthday.

"NucKids" also congratulated Anna Sergeevna and the creative group showed the film, many children did their part for the shooting of this film.

But the party wasn't over yet. The organizer of the project didn't forget about the business even on her most important day of the year and announced the results of the contest for the best title of the musical. The author of the title that will show up within the next few days on the playbills in 3 countries is the "grandpa" of the project Pavel Pronin.

-Together? - Pavel asked the audience.

-Yes! - the "nuclear kids" answered all together.

-Who is all together?

-We, - somebody answered without even realizing that it's the title of the future musical.

According to Anna Trapeznikova the word "we" in the title of the musical will be in 5 languages: in Russian, Hungarian, English, Turkish and Korean.

The evening was ended up with the beautiful ceremony of loosing the balloons into the sky. Then "NuclearKids" had fun at the disco where they were singing and dancing under the best hits of the project.

"When our songs began to sound, some kids burst into tears, so many emotions at once, - the participant from Turkey Idil Köker said. -You understand what I'm talking about."

We understand. Remember, love and wait for the new hits of this year, that will make the next generations of "NuclearKids" cry and laugh.