29 July 2013
Getting ready 2: the first run-through

19 days of preparations, 152 hours of rehearsals, 37 pages of the script that were memorized and 13 dancing performances..."NucKids" and the creative team of the project have worked on the putting on the 2-hours-long musical for almost 3 weeks. The first run-through took place on stage of the theatre "Balaton" in the city Keszthely in the evening on the 28th of July.

The creative group of the project was the audience at the first play that was presented at the atmosphere of the theatrical skit, where the children and grown-ups were having fun.

Even the improvisation of the artists on stage and the director's and choreographer's remarks during the action didn't conceal the most important thing - the unprofessional artists've made the professional musical that will fascinate the audience in 3 countries.

The manager of the project and the executive director, director and choreographer, teachers, sound and lighting designers, journalist, operator and team-leaders felt nervous before the beginning of the musical.

"The day was hard, but we couldn't relax. We should increase our speed on the finishing line!"- the choreographer Maxim Nedolechko said before the run-through.

"Turning on and reaction are very important. Shallow moves don't work, shallow emotions can't be seen from the audience. Let's start!",- the director Vladimir Karabanov said.

"Oh, with God's help",- the lighting designer said from the projection room. 

The children, who had been rehearsing from 10a.m. in the conditions of the anomalous Hungarian heat, demonstrated at 11p.m. that they weren't tired of work.

The director and choreographer didn't take the late time into consideration when they were correcting the mistakes and praising the children.

"Go away as a cool person. Waddling without showing off!", "Angarsk, more energy!", "Black men, good job!" - Maxim Nedolechko and Vladimir Karabanov were crying.

There were of course funny moments.

"Contre-jour-60, background-60",- the lighting designer was mumbling in the projection room.

"Hold on, they'll turn on the light now",- Natasha Nikolaeva whispered to her mike standing in the backstage.

The creative group was greeting the final of the musical with cheers.

"I don't know any other professional team that would have managed to put on a 2-hours-long musical for such short period of time. They were of course some mistakes but you've done everything possible. There are 2 hard days ahead of us, but we'll cope with everything!"- Maxim Nedolechko said to the children.

"We"'ve done a good job.

There are 2 days before the premiere.