30 July 2013
Getting ready 1: waiting for the audience

The children who are dancing tango with the the teachers in the corridors; gymnasts that are swinging the hoop; black men in the ninja-costumes that are walking on their hands - the walls of the theatre "Balaton" haven't felt so much energy from young, talented and brave people for a long time. In a couple of hours the show'll begin that this city is going to remember for a long time - "NucKids" will present the musical "We" to the Hungarian audience for the first time.

"Get prepared for the run-through of the musical",- the choreographer Maxim Nedolechko is giving orders. In six hours - the premiere.

They had only 3 weeks for the preparing of the 2-hours-long musical. They've rehearsed the final that's why the ordinary excitement of the artists in the extreme conditions of the rehearsals has intensified greatly.

But the organizers and the children believe that everything will be as usual beautiful, energetic and professional.

"The play is very tough for such period of preparations and unprofessional artists. 17 musical performances plus dramatical scenes inbetween isn't a joke. Today we'll check this story with the help of practice. We hope for the best",- the director Vladimir Karabanov said.

"I think, it'll be the most important rehearsal for the audience. I've good expectations. I think we'll do everything as well as possible and we'll demonstrate everything we've prepared at the big premiere in Paksh",- Gleb Borisov, who is playing the role of Leo, said.

"Today I woke up with the light heart and good premonitions. It means that everything'll be cool!",- the vocal teacher Albina Seidametova promised to everyone.

The children believed her.