31 July 2013
The premiere of the musical "We" in Kezthely

The premiere of the musical "We" of the fifth international children's' creative project "NuclearKids" of the state corporation "Rosatom" took place in the evening on the 30th of July on stage of the theatre "Balaton" in the Hungarian city Keszthely. The talented children of the workers in the nuclear industry from 9 countries have participated in the play that had been put on only for 21 days by the director Vladimir Karabanov and the choreographer Maxim Nedolechko.

Every year the project beats its own records. This year we've held the record of difficulty because we've made a 1,5-hour-long play that is difficult from the dramatic, choreographic point and from the point of the musical material, - the manager of the project Anna Trapeznikova said to the journalists before the premiere.

17 vocal and choreography performances, 80 talented children on stage, witty dialogues, creative costumes - the creators of the musical "We" have found the secret of the successful play.

The action of the play is in the ordinary Russian school where the shooting of the international children's contest " The talents of the 21 century" takes place. The school newspaper is covering this contest and the theme of journalism is the leitmotif of the play. But according to the participants' words not only the secrets of the popular profession, but also the relations among the characters - friendship, intrigues, jealousy, love. 

"It's the story about the teenage relations, about everything that is close and known for us. That's why it's easy to act this", - Kristina Kuznecova, who is playing the role of Dasha, expressed her opinion.

The people from Hungary, Russia and South Korea who have come specially for the premiere of the musical "NuclearKids" were clapping for the talent and congruence work.

The story, that was told by the "nuclear" artists, was easy to understand for everyone even despite the language barrier - from small children who were dancing under the music to the representers of the Hungarian government.

-These children are the real generators of the energy. They are small nuclear power-stations. We can see that thanks to the nuclear energy and cooperation between the state corporation "Rosatom", energy company "MUM" and the nuclear power-station "Paksh", the today's great play've turned into the reality. 

"NuclearKids" have collected the talented children from all parts of the globe for the fifth year. The main aims of the project - to help the children of the workers from the nuclear industry to display their acting, vocal and dancing talents and also to find friends from different countries.

Children from 9 countries: Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Estonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, South Africa, France, Bangladesh, are taking part in the anniversary "NucKids". This year the main part of the project takes place for the first time abroad. After the premiere in Keszthely that was the rehearsal base for "NuclearKids" for 3 weeks, the children will go on the greatest concert tour, they're going to visit Hungary, Czech Republic and Russia during this tour.

"NucKids" present the play on the 1st of August in the Hungarian nuclear-town Paksh, on the 4th of August - in Prague. On the 7th of August the audience in Tomsk will estimate the creative work of the young talents; on the 11th of August - in the satellite-town where the Leningradskaya nuclear power-station is situated - in Sosnov i Bor. On the 14th of August "NuclearKids" will perform at the Moscow theatre "Et cetera". The summer session ends on the 16th of August