1 August 2013
The peculiarities of the national energy: "Nuclear Kids" in Paksh

What does the nuclear city mean? The participants of "NucKids" can answer this question without any hesitation, because many "nuclear" artists were born and brought up there. Every year the project gives the children the opportunity to get to learn how the members of the big nuclear community live in Russia and in other countries. On the 31st of July, "NucKids" arrived into the city Paksh that is situated near the Hungarian nuclear power-station.

Interactivity for the future researches

 The acquaintance with the peculiarities of the national energy started with the visiting of the information center at the nuclear power-station "Paksh". The guide Marina Suchan, who has devoted 26 years of her life to working at the station, told the children about the nature of the radioactivity, the principles of the chain nuclear reaction and about the station itself that produces 46% of the electric power in Hungary.

The information center is equipped with the interactive models, that's why the children could not only listen to the guide, but also realize how the kinetic energy transforms into the electrical power by riding the exercise bicycle and see how the dose of the radioactive radiation is changing during the air-flight and get the souvenir - the copy of the uranic tablet.

"At the project I had the goal - to visit the nuclear power-station "Paksh", that was built by our compatriots 30 years ago,- Gleb Borisov from Novosibirsk said. -I'm interested in nuclear energy and my mother works at the "Novosibirsk factory of chemical concentrated products". I've made the research project this year that was dedicated to the attitude of the society towards the nuclear power-stations after the Chernobyl disaster. I've made the conclusion, that there've been some mistakes in this industry, but we should continue the development of the nuclear energy".

The most beautiful way of making the nuclear industry popular

The worker of the nuclear power-station "Paksh", the talented nature photographer Balint Vince is making this brunch popular in Hungary and in the whole Europe. After looking at his albums, 9 people from 10 ask who pays for his trips to the distant countries, where these unusual animals can be found.

Mr. Vince only smiles when he answers that all his pictures were taken within the radius of 30km from the nuclear power-station "Paksh". The ecological compatibility and the safe work of the station allow to preserve the true reserve with a great variety of different kinds of plants, insects, birds, animals and also the favorites of the photographer - the touching gophers that made Balint famous in many countries.

The enthusiastic exclamations "Cool!", "Wow!", "Look here!", "How beautiful!" were accompanying Balint Vince's presentation. According to the photographer's words, he had been sitting in the ambush for 22 hours to get the pictures of the rare birds that amazed the visitors of his exhibitions in Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Russia and Brazil. However, the photographer said, that the mastery of the photographer and the tenacity of the sniper come together with the experience and he didn't begin with the photo-masterpieces, he started taking pictures of his relatives. So everyone has a chance and who knows...The participants of the project, who have accounts on "Instagram", will become the acknowledged photographers.

"We've already something in common, you've tasted the success after the premiere of your musical and I've become successful after the publication of my albums. I wish you'll keep this feeling in your future life",- Balint Vince said at parting.

Disney for people of all ages

After the acquaintance with the nuclear energy, that gives "NucKids" the opportunity for the common creative work, the children who have the main parts in the musical were back to the creative work, to their rehearsals. The lucky ones, who were free from the rehearsals, went to the disco. But not to the ordinary one, it was a Disney disco with live music. The author of the idea of the project Sergei Novikov performed the melodies of the famous children musicals playing the saxophone.

"Oh, it's "the Little Mermaid!" - a 6-years-old Erika Nedolechko cried, when she recognized the hit of her favorite cartoon.

The grown-up children, Nadezhda Molokanova and Natalya Laktionova, and the girls from the Angarsk dancing team, who seem to be too old for the cartoons, were enjoying the Disney hits. The touching children party lasted more than one hour, energetic melodies alternated with tuneful compositions, and even the common problem at the discos - the absence of boys, didn't spoil the slow dances.

Children went to their rooms, having smiles on their faces, and got prepared for the responsible day. On the 1st of August the workers of the nuclear industry in Hungary are going to see the musical "We" on stage of the city Paksh.