6 August 2013
The changing of time zones and exchange of watches at the Tomsk airport

4pm in Prague, 7pm in Moscow, 9pm in Tomsk - it seems that these children're changing the time zones as easily as they're exchanging the bright brand watches "NuclearKids-2013". On the 6th of August in the morning the plane brought a very valuable luggage to the airport - 80 "nuclear" talents, who have made the most complicated flight during their concert tour - from Prague to Tomsk. The tiredness from the covered kilometers was compensated with the surprises at the airport: the local journalists and the old participants of the project have come to take part in the anniversary project - Sasha Nikolaev, Nastya Lyamceva and Lev Suslov.

Tomsk hasn't seen such tremendous applauds, hugs and hymn "NucKids" at the square in front of the airport for a long time. The local TV-channels came to fix this historical moment. Sasha Nikolaev and Lev Suslov demonstrated the young teens how one should communicate with the press: Sasha and the journalists were asking children the questions and Lev Suslov answered.

-What is the most important thing for you at the project?- somebody from the journalists asked.

-Our friendship, our love,- Nastya Lyamceva answered.

In the unofficial atmosphere the children were even more touching and ingenuous. They're exchanging things, as true relatives, just 5 minutes after the meeting. Kristina Kuznecova gave her fancy scarf to Sasha Nikolaev, Nastya Luamceva was boasting about her brand-new watch.

"I've taken it from Michael (Vlad Tashbulatov). Do you name him Michael this year? Maybe you don't understand who I'm talking about?"- Nastya smiled and sent her regards to other members of the big "NucKids" family-Viktor Zakalyapin, Alina Kibus,  Roman Larin, Dima Simnovov, Ivan Frost.

The children from Ozersk, Zelenogorsk, Novovoronezh, Volgodonsk, Vladimir have come to Moscow to meet each other and watch the musical "We" at the theater "Et cetera" on the 14th of August. Lev Suslov, Nastya Lyamceva and Sasha Nikolaev'll be at the project till the end of the concert tour in Tomsk.

The regular internet-communication and alternative concert tour of the past participants is the best proof, that the "NucKids" community is working very well. The fact that the participants want to get acquainted with their successors, the new generation of "NuclearKids", and to follow the events of the project, shows that the grown-ups have done a very good work.

"And now let's hug! Why are you acting like strangers?!"- Sasha Nikolaev called the "new ones" to join the group of the joy participants from the previous years. It wasn't necessary to ask them twice.  

One can call this a succession of generations. But our children call it a true friendship.