12 August 2013
The premiere of the musical "We" in Sosnovy Bor

On the 11th of August the participants of the fifth international children creative project "NuclearKids" presented the musical "We" in Sosnovy Bor. The participants of the project, talented children of the workers in the nuclear branch from 9 countries, gave two performances for the inhabitants of the "nuclear city", that were great success.

Before the beginning of the play the author of the idea of the project, the head of Communication Department of the state Corporation «Rosatom» Sergei Novikov and the director of the Leningradskaya nuclear power-station Vladimir Pereguda greeted the audience. 

"Tonight we'll see the play, that the stars of Rosatom present to you. These children entertain not only our cities, but also the foreign stages with their art. And we're glad, that in the year of the fortieth anniversary of the Leningradskaya nuclear power-station the inhabitants of Sosnovy Bor will see this wonderful musical",- Vladimir Pereguda said.

"When after the first performance in 2009 people told us that the inhabitants of their cities should see it, it seemed unreal to us. But we're developing all the time and last year people in Volgodonsk and Kurchatov saw the musical of "NuclearKids", in 2013 the Russian premiere of the musical "We" took place in Tomsk. Today we're really pleased to perform on stage of Sosnovy Bor, because your city provides us with the talented children",- Sergei Novikov said.

The inhabitants of Sosnovy Bor accepted the "nuclear artists" enthusiastically, the young artists tried to give their positive emotions and energy to the audience.

The first performance in Sosnovy Bor was really the premiere for the second cast of the actors who are playing the main characters: Sergei Merzlyakov, Sofia Strutinskaya, Olga Borodina. Vlad Tashbulatov acted the role of Simon. Despite few rehearsals, the children were acting very well and giving sincere emotions to the audience. In the final the participants and the creative group of the project got not only ovations, but also the presents from the Leningradskaya nuclear power-station for their acting talents and professionalism. 

The project collects the talented children from all over the world for the fifth year already. The main aims of the project - to help the children of the workers of the nuclear branch to display their acting, vocal and dancing talents and also to find the friends from different countries.

The children from nine countries are taking part in the anniversary "NuclearKids": Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Estonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, South Africa, France, Bangladesh.  This year the main part of the project takes place for the first time abroad. After the premiere in Keszthely that was the rehearsal base for "NuclearKids" for 3 weeks, the children will go on the greatest concert tour, they're going to visit Hungary, Czech Republic and Russia during this tour. "NucKids" presented the play on the 1st of August in the Hungarian nuclear-town Paksh, on the 4th of August - in Prague. On the 7th of August the audience in Tomsk estimated the creative work of the young talents. On the 14th of August "NuclearKids" will perform at the Moscow theatre "Et cetera". The summer session ends on the 16th of August