16 July 2014

"Once again kids, pull yourself together... let's work hard!" this call tells us about the beginning of rehearseals at the project. From morning till nght the participants work out dancing, singing and acting. Each child puts something personal into the performance. Because musical isn't just songs, decorations and script. It is first of all people. And now we have the exact aim: to get involved into preparation and be ready for the first night. Teachers and trainers are looking forward for our devotion to the project. 
Right now everything is Ok. Children read the script with producer, Vladimir Karabanov, learn acting with Natalya Gorbas, have voice lessons with Svetlana Konstandina, dilute dancing set with choreographer Maksim Nedolechko. The preparation is going in full power, everybody is happy with it. Of course sometimes kids are tired, but it's normal. We must give a lot to make something great, we are here just for the result.
At the end I would like to add some parting words... we can move forward to the aim only if we join together. But for that we should do our best! Respect each other and come to rescue if it's necessary! Follow the teachers' advice! Only then we will be able to do what we rae gathered here for! Let's put our efforts togetherand rush to succes! Let's make the best musical ever in the history of Nuckids project!

Andrei Korchukov, specially for Nuckids 2014