19 July 2014
The diary of a participant. Continuation.

Everyday work keeps on going. Children leave their rooms early in the morning for different activities. When they are back in the rooms they learn the script and songs. One words fot it - total fun! In the evening we can have a rest, talk to moms or just surf the internet. But there is less and less time to relax. Kids need to work harder and they like it, that's great!
Today evening we went to the Gulf of Finland, I didn't expect that the water would be so warm! There we had our special team meeting "Candle" with Elena Vladimirovna. We had real candle and passed it in a circle to make everybody talk about emotions, feelings and thoughts. We also draw hearts and symbols of Nuckids on the sand.
I won't tell you about day time, because we have lessons: voice, dance, acting. I'd rather tell you about evening event "Mister and Miss Nuckids 2014". All couples were decent and deserved to win. But the winners were the best. At first they had to show presentation: dance, poem or song. Everybody did it excellent! Then boys were to make a costume for their beloved ones. That was the funniest moment! they used toilet paper, sticking tape and other staff. That was real challenge for boys. And they had to make hair does. But nuckids are very talented and can cope with everything easily!