13 January 2015
Nuckids VII summers session starts today.

Dear friends!

Let us once again congratulate all of you on the last holidays! Let the New Year wishes come true all your dreams come true!!!
The holidays are over and we are ready to start the VII-th season of the International Children’s art project «NuclearKids». As you know, in March and April are traditionally held regional auditions of our project. By tradition, we start accepting applications for pre-participation. This is necessary in order to understand what "Nuclear" cities are waiting for us the most and where our project is the most popular therefore, we will host regional selections. We remind you that to participate in the project are invited all creative gifted kids (11 – 16 y.o.) which parents work on Russian nuclear plants. More details about «NucKids» can be found on our official website www.nuckids.ru and also VKontakte community www.vk.com/nuclear.kids 
Starting today and until 20 February 2015 inclusive, we are waiting for your applications. They must be sent to an email address - 2015@nuckids.ru. Make to specify a city residence in the subject field. In the provisional application must present the following information:

 1. Full name of the candidate

2. City of residence

3. The nuclear plant or company of the nuclear industry where parents work

4. Surname, first name, patronymic of father or mother

5. Date of birth (day, month, year)

6. Age (full years)

7. Phone

8. E-mail (required functioning address for all project related communications)

As always we are ready to answer all your questions and give all necessary information.  Please contact us: +7 985 4270777 or +7 499 9494369 or also via e-mail addresses pronin@nuckids.ru or PVPronin@rosatom.ru