4 March 2015
General information

Seventh International Children's art project «Nuclear Kids» will be held in July-August 2015. The organizer of the project is an autonomous non-profit organization "Information Center of the nuclear industry," commissioned by the State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom".

The project «NucKids» aims to promote the establishment and strengthening of friendly relations between the children of employees of nuclear plants in Russia and abroad, to develop new traditions of children's creativity, broaden the horizons of children, as well as to promote nuclear power among the younger generation.

The joint work of children from different countries will be staging a musical, which will be held at the premiere of the leading concert venues in Russia and other countries.

Learn more about the project:

- On the official website at www.nuckids.ru,

- In the official "VKontakte» community http://vk.com/nuclear.kids,

- In the official Facebook community http://www.facebook.com/NucKids

 Children of employees of nuclear power plants in Russia and other countries between the ages of 11 to 16 years are invited to participate.

Regional project castings NucKids held in March-April 2015 in the cities where the State Corporation "Rosatom" is located.

The format of participation in open regional castings is in form of a personal interview. Interview length is regulated.

To participate in the regional open castings all candidates must fill in the questionnaire of the candidate of the «NucKids» project and submit it in printed form. The digital version of the questionnaire can be found at https://vk.com/doc-27812802_371642795

You can also provide additional audio and video materials on any drive. The content of audio and video materials - arbitrary (song, dance, participate in theatrical productions, etc.). Materials will not be returned and will not be reviewed. Project organizers reserve the right to use the material for purposes connected with the project «NucKids».

Please note that a requirement for participation in the project «NucKids 2015» is the presence of a foreign passport, which expires not earlier than December 2015.

If you are unable to participate in regional or Moscow audition for the project participants will be able to send the necessary promotional materials via e-mail. Selections for kids who aren’t able to come will begin in mid-March. More detailed information will be announced later.

Regional castings.

Auditions are carried in the form of a personal interview with each candidate. Please note that the regional selections are conducted without the involvement of a parent or creative director candidate.

During the interview the candidate must show their skills in the following genres:

1. Vocal. Candidate should perform any song in Russian language. Song should be prepared in advance or proposed for performing participants of qualifying group. The song can be performed under a soundtrack, but the candidate must be willing to perform it without musical accompaniment.

* Please note:  We evaluate vocal of the candidate NOT staging performance, so the performance can be stopped at any time.

2. Acting.

3. Choreography. Candidate should perform improvisational dance to the proposed soundtrack.

4. General skills. These include knowledge of foreign languages, the ability to play a musical instrument, or any other talents that the candidate has not shown during a keynote performance.

Warning! The overall length of individual interviews with each of the participants does not exceed 5-7 minutes, so be prepared for the fact that members of the selection panel may stop the performance of the candidate. Please, treat this circumstance with understanding.

The final decision regarding the participation of candidates in the project decided collectively by creative team (author of the project idea, director, choreographer, teacher of singing and acting) based on watching a video version of selection, which is filmed during the individual interviews or viewing profiles and materials provided.

Details of the project «NucKids» www.nuckids.ru online or via phone +7 985 4270777, +7 499 9494369; e-mail: PVPronin@rosatom.ru