6 May 2015
IMPORTANT INFORMATION about on-line casting

Dear friends!

Important information regarding on-line casting.

At the moment, the full list of materials was sent us by:

Ekaterina Bazhenova, Glazov

Bulkin Alina, Sosnovy Bor

Burnaykina Anastasia, Polyarnye Zori

Volcheva Agatha, Sovetsk

Gnusareva Pauline Trehgornyi

Oleg Golikov, Chelyabinsk

Dmitrienko Angelina Kardonikskaya

Anastasia Dyatlov, Penza

Zuborenko Uliana, Sovetsk

Klygina Hope Polar Zory

Korelskiy Ilya Arkhangelsk

Medvedev Catherine, Novosibirsk

Andrey Parkhomenko, Polar Zori

Pautova Elizabeth, Polar Zori

Slepneva Svetlana Nizhny Novgorod

Smelova Uliana, Petrozavodsk

Sudyarova Pauline, Dimitrovgrad

Tyulyubaeva Pauline, Serpukhov

Olga Ustinova, Ozersk

Tsyganov Veronica, Dimitrovgrad

Shishkin Victoria, Polar Zori.

 Materials from these people were received and are under the review.

List of people who tried to send the materials, but it did not work for some reason:

Antropov Elizabeth (Krasnogorsk)

Ganat Valery (Moscow)

Gvardeeva Sabrina (Simferopol)

Dronova Ekaterina (Angarsk)

Arina Ivanova (Sosnovy Bor)

Kapustin Polina (Balakovo)

Kuznetsova Olesya (Novouralsk)

Naydenova Polina (Zheleznogorsk)

Daria Nikolaeva (Seversk)

Natalia Nikolaeva (Seversk)

Pukhov Margarita (Sarov)

Sudyarova Julia (Dimitrovgrad)

Tyulina Eugene (Ozersk)

Ekaterina Shvedova (Dimitrovgrad)

You have tried to send the necessary files through the system selection on our site. Unfortunately, your files were not uploaded. Therefore, I ask you urgently to do the following:

You have to make your video presentation. It should include:

1. The performance of any Russian-language song (verse, chorus) without a soundtrack

2. Retelling the story in your own words your favorite book or a movie

3. Dance to any modern song

Duration: not more than 5 minutes

Size: not more than 80 megabytes

For video presentation you have to attach the candidates profile in the project participants of NucKids 2015 DOWNLOAD HERE (http://vk.com/doc168409474_393429379), pack it in the archives and put on ANY file sharing.

Send the download link to : PVPronin@rosatom.ru

The subject line must specify the name and city of your residence.

For all questions contact us +7 985 4270777.
Stay tuned.