1 August 2017
The low start

The first night of the musical performance «Just summer rain» took place right in the centre of Saint Petersburg in the Briantsev Theater of the Young Audience. Spacious hall, professional stage and private make-up rooms all these are waiting for the young actors. Soon they will play the first night of the musical and go out on the tour to the Russian cities of Sarov and Nizhny Novgorod and Hungary cities of Paks and Kaloch.

The final rehearsals in the theatre are not an easy thing. The stage of the theatre is large. If not to say that it is tremendous! A new theatrical stage can totally change the performance: it is getting bigger, wider and more impressive. The young actors should speak louder; express their emotions more vividly in order the new hall not to engulf it. So it is not an easy task but the nuclear kids will not be afraid of it.

«The main difficulty of the dressed rehearsals on the scene was the scale of the scene; it was large. And it was unusual to us to play on it. It seemed to us that the performance had been produced already and was ready to be shown. But when you come in to such a large hall and there are such a lot of spaces, you lost yourself in it at once. That is why we need the time to walk on the new stage and to reorder the musical scenes somehow».

 Anastasiya Sokolova, 14 y.o., Snezhinsk 

Besides the young actors tried to play fully dressed and equipped with the requisite during the dressed rehearsals for the first time. The performance was decorated but there was one more difficulty there. It is essential to know who brings one or another shield and who carries it away. How to put it in such a way to be seen harmonious and beautiful from the hall. Besides you should not forget the words of your character. In a word the young actors were put into the theatrical process where art decisions were living together with the producer commands and the actors solutions. 

«The dressed rehearsals were very busy. It was the first time we put on our costumes. They are very nice and original but it was difficult to move wearing them. But it is very important to us as dancers. For example in the Tundra scene our dancers are wearing traditional Yakut costumes with a lot of small details: long tapes and various beads. And when they according the choreographer's idea were jumping into the sleigh we were praying for the happy end and nothing got tangled up. But these are the working moments, we are used to this. The most important is that it looks great from the audience!»

Polina Kaiser, 15 y.o., Angarsk

The final rehearsals are complicated because the young actors meet with all the technical services. Light, sound, curtains, smoke all of these decorate performance, and add the vivid colours to it. As the young actors were playing with microphones for the first time so the first complications have occurred. For example how do you put the microphone without disturbing the costume?  Or how to put it in such a way the audience do not hear the great breathing of the actors during the dances. But the sound is not the last issue. You should stay at the right place on the stage to catch the light.  And then leave the stage and come in there once again and not be lost in a new scene. The work was not easy. But the young actors have managed to do it so the performance is getting the final shape.

«It is difficult to come to a new stage in the frames of one project. Because the process of rehearsals took place in different conditions. The actors have got accustomed to our small stage in the Repino Cronwell Park hotel, but there are quite another distances and scales. You should not forget that a lot of participants came from small closed cities and had not chance to come to the stage of such a scale. It was an additional experience to them. Plus we meet a lot of technical difficulties. The children should remember the right sketch of light; learn to play with the radio microphones. But they get accustomed to that quickly so the nice performance is waiting for us tomorrow”.

Vlad Tashboulatov, teacher of the scenic speech.

The final preparations are concluded. All the actors know its texts, dances and vocal parties. All of them are able to work with the microphones and decorations. All is ready. The last thing to do is to get enough sleep before the first night performance and go to fight! The first spectaculars will be able to see the musical performance very soon!

Leo Suoslov,

Specially for nuckids.ru