3 August 2017

One of the most important milestones of the NucKids 2017 project has come. More than 20 days of rehearsals, sea of the learned texts, significant investments of time, sleepless nights and energy.

All this is left behind. And now the first spectaculars are coming into the Briantsev Theatre of the Young Audience in order to see the musical performance «Just summer rain».


According to the old tradition all the nuclear actors get together with the creative and the administration teams members backstage to make the final lucky handshake. This is a special moment of unity of the project participants when the tutors give their last guidance and wish a lucky performance. «Put the hands in the centre! One, two, three! Good luck!» you can hear from the backstage, and it means that the children has got the energy, gathered their strength and are ready to start the performance already.


The third bell is ringing and the curtain goes up. The audience is sinking into the unique atmosphere of the musical. The next hour and the half have left as a flash. The scene goes one after another, drama goes after the comedy. Moscow is presented to us in all its glory. Parks, alleyways and constructions are flashing with an incredible speed. The audience is enchanted with the main characters, musical scenes and the main atmosphere of the performance.

“The fist night of the musical was fine. I would not have expected that! I was not nervous at all before the beginning of the musical, because I did not even know how is it to do the play. But when we came to the stage the shudder stopped. There were quite opposite feelings there! You are experienced every scene and every moment of the musical with the audience. It is fully inexpressibly! And the audience was perfect. Thanks a lot to Piter! It was really cool!”

Kamilla Abdullaeva, 11 y.o., Kazakhstan

But during the first night the things get heated not on the stage only. There is no less intensive work in the wings. Someone is following up the musical, someone is changing the costume for the next scene, someone is preparing the decorations, and someone is cheering his friends up and is assisting to come to the stage. There are technical services there to let the participants to put on the right costume, the charged microphone and to have the right requisite in his hands. Moreover if just realize that all 76 participants are involved in the process you are getting a little bit afraid of. But our grown-up members are used to the process! They are ready to fight!

«There was our special atmosphere in the project. Everybody was helping to everybody! Most of all this can be seen in the wings. For example before the scene with builders the young actors run all over the place, changed the costumes looked for the prop. You are standing in the wing and you are knocking off your feet. That is why you should not yawing but be in tune with the actors, no bother them and do the best in assisting them to come to the stage. The musical was fine! There was loud applause in the end of the musical and some actors were presented with flowers. I was not yet, but we have eight performances yet. They will keep up!”


Valeria Esina, 13 y.o., Snezhinsk

The first night is complicated because the performance might be turn over for 180 degree with the presence of the audience in the hall. You can have rehearsals all day long, to stage the scenes with the producer and to drill the dances with choreographer. But when the lights go out in the hall and it is filled with the hundreds of admiring eyes, everything is changed. The actors began to open in unexpected way, the pauses for the applause are presented, and the atmosphere of the agonizing expectations from both sides of ramp is occurred. That is why all the tutors of the project were monitoring every reaction of the audience.


“Our first night was rather good. There were some mistakes of course. I saw the whole performance from beginning till the end sitting in the hall. They started very good, then worsened emotionally in the middle, but then recovered by the end and made a good point. Not everything is worked out from the first step, you need to understand and consider it. But now we know where we need to work more. The audience was interested and the actors were living the real life on the stage. This is the most important. I can admit that I had tears in the final scene. So the children had managed to get through to me!”

Tatyana Solntseva, teacher of drama arts

To tell in a word the first night in Saint Petersburg was fine. The young actors are happy, the cteative team are planning futher work. We know what we should improve, and we have a lot of performances in the nearest future. And now the tour is waiting for the young actors. Lets go! 

Leo Suoslov,

Specially for nuckids.ru