6 August 2017
Amazing Sarov

Tour is not a simple thing. It requires endurance and mobilization from the actors, because it is not an easy task to tour not only several cities but to show the performances. But our nuclear actors feel great! So after the first night in Saint Petersburg we started for the tour. And the first point of the NucKids 2017 tour schedule was the city of Sarov.

Sarov is a closed city in Nizhniy Novgorod region, where the first atomic bomb was developed. The famous scientist, Nobel laureate Andrey Sakharov lived here. It was not possible for us not to visit such a city with nuclear history.

Sarov met us with the unusual warm weather. After the rainy Saint Petersburg where all the children were wearing jackets the visit to Sarov became the real pleasure. We felt like we got the summer at last! Everybody rushed to put on summer shorts and t-shirts to go for a walk to enjoy the sunny day.The hosting side have prepared for the project participants the city tour to see all the sightseeing of the amazing city.

The atomic industry is full of interesting facts that our nuclear actors know for sure.  The nuclear industry is the one that connects us in the NucKids project. To enlighten the kids in that sphere our hosts from Sarov organized the interesting excursion to the Museum of Nuclear Weapon. It sounds scary a little bit but in a fact it is an exposition of the extraordinary exhibits and educational films on the history of Atomic Project in the USSR and in Sarov in particular. The participants saw the city model, took photo with the first prototype of the hydrogen bomb and to knew out how it was developed and whom by. In a word they got the impressions for the year ahead!

«It is great that we came to Sarov! It is a real summer here at last! Just at once the hosts arranged the sightseeing tour and told a lot of interesting facts from its history. But most of all I liked the excursion to the Museum of Atomic Weapons. The first  hydrogen bomb in the USSR was shown to us, some of us even took photos with it. Moreover it was interesting to know that the most powerful PC in Russia is located here not in Moscow. Actually the city is beautiful and I am happy that our tour starts from Sarov!”

Polina Selezneva, 15 y.o., Saratov

But Sarov is not a famous atomic city yet but this is one of the most famous Orthodox sites. It was exactly the place where the holy man Saint Seraphim of Sarov lived his whole life. Saint Seraphim the renowned national miracle worker whose Holy relics are kept in Sarov.  The temple situated in the centre part of the city is devoted to him; there is a room where Saint Seraphim lived several hundreds years ago. The project participants made a small voyage in that historic place and were able to visit one of these churches.

For the foreign participants of the project the visit to a closed city was a moment they were awaiting not for one day only. The scoutmasters used to explain them what the closed city meant, and the foreign participants were eager to visit such a city. The city that is not indicated on the maps and  the city that is surrounded by the barbed wire. And all of this is in reality! Anyway a visit to Sarov was an incredible adventure for the children from Bangladesh, China, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, Croatia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan.


«Sarov turned out to be an amazing city to me! I have not been to the closed cities yet. Anyway the visit to any new Russian city is something incredible for me! The city is green; it is as if we are living in the forest. As to me everything is a novelty for me. Nice little houses that differ from the architecture of Saint Petersburg. We visited the first city of our tour and I am able to understand what spectacular and amazing country is Russia!”

Lizzy Woe, 15 y.o., China

The project participants were welcomed with the open arms in Sarov. We saw all the main destinations and now we began rehearsing intensively again. Sarov audience is going to see the musical “Just summer rain” in the Sarov Drama Theatre very soon.

  Leo Suoslov,

Specially for nuckids.ru