9 August 2017
How the NicKids conquered the city of Nizhniy Novgorod

The NucKids tour is in full swing. Our participants should be characterized as actors because they have demonstrated an enormous self-possession. Arrival to a new city, one day only for a rehearsal at the new stage and the musical is ready to be showed to the new audience. We have showed the performance in Saint Petersburg and Sarov. And now we have arrived to Nizhny Novgorod at last!

To conquer Nizhny Novgorod became not an easy task for the nuclear kids.  .. Besides a new city, a new stage and new audience the time for rehearsals was halved. Usually before the next performance at the new stage there are two days for the normal and dressed rehearsals. But this year the schedule of the project was rather compressed. After three hours of a bus trip from Sarov to Nizhny Novgorod the project participants went to the Komedia theatre at once in order to prepare the performance especially for the Nizhny Novgorod audience.  

NN is not only a city where a lot of nuclear enterprises are situated. NN is a special city for the members of the administration and creative groups of the project. Sergey Novikov the author of the project idea was born and began his career in this city.  NN is a native city for the composer Ilya Efimov who has been making the music for the NucKids project performance for three years long. Pavel Pronin, an all-time coordinator of the project and the head of the project press centre, who worked for the project from the time of its foundation, is an inhabitant of NN. This city is a native city for the project’s executive director Anna Koneva, for the assistant of the head of the project Dennis Sousoulnikov, and for Helen Gordeeva the head of the teachers’ team. That is why the performance in NN was so special for the above-mentioned persons.

In a word there was a serious responsibility for the project participants. More over this was the first visit to the city for the NucKids project so a hull house was expected. Indeed there were not empty places in the hall. The spectaculars began to come to the theatre one and a half hour before the performance. There were a lot of journalists who interweaved the young actors, producers and head of the project. The journalists ‘questions differed but there was a question traditionally asked by the journalists of different cities and different countries: how it was possible to stage so professional performance for so short time?

The theatre managers should try their best all the wishing spectaculars were possible to see the musical “Just a summer rain”. The hall and the balcony were full of the audience. But the main thing was that the participants felt that the audience was waiting for the cool musical. And the young actors have fired up!

«The musical in NN was successful! We were glad to see that they awaited us. We felt it in the wings and on the stage also. Despite the small stage we were able to pull us together and played our best. We had made far less mistakes during the performance. We knew clearly who and when is coming to the stage what should he do and what emotion should he has. As to me I just liked to act at the stage. And during our NucKids hymn we were able to make the audience to sing together with us. It seemed to me that we have managed to succeed in everything!”

Vladimir Halturin, 17 y.o., Angarsk

The performance in NN was more complicated because of the night train from NN to Moscow after the performance. The members of the technical services of the project in fact began to pack the decorations and costumes during the performance. The moving van with the entire prop should leave the city that evening in order to arrive in time to Moscow for the project departure from Moscow to Budapest (Hungary). There were little feats of the prop’s collection and packing in the wings. When one more scene was concluded the participants took the decorations to the wings where it was packed and taken to the van. And that was a continuous prosess during all the musical. There was not such an adventure during the musical before. But the main thing is that the loading was successful!

The former participants of the project came to the musical in NN. There was Nastya Louleva (NucKids 2016), Ksyusha Novikova (NucKids 2010 & NucKids 2011). The former team leaders of the project came to see the NucKids 2017 participants. By the way the fan fact is that the best team leaders are those who was the fraudulent troublemaker. What a vicious circle it is! Such team leaders are the best ones not only because they are able to forecast the possible disciplinary grounds but because they continue to love the project and transfer the project values.

«The NucKids are the best again! The performance is fantastic and the new participants fired it again! I have not seen something like this in NN. It is a real pleasure the project came here. If I should tell what I liked best I can point out the scene of the rain. When all the kids are coming to the stage with umbrellas and the main character get a move by giroskuter. It is a cool finding!

And there was too much of nostalgia! I wished to be on the stage together with them as even there were not six years there at all. Thank you for the positive flashbacks and bombing emotions!”  

Ksenia Novikova, the project participant in 2010 and in 2011

So the performance is already played in NN! Just after the performance on their way to the rail way station the participants were acquainted with the city sight seeing. Then they immediately smarted to the railway station. There is Hungary ahead, and two cities of the tour – Paks and Kaloch.

Leo Souslov,

Specially for  nuckids.ru