11 August 2017
From Hungary with love

The NucKids project gives a lot of new possibilities and a unique experience to its participants. There are the participation in the original musical staging in the period of three weeks, the work with the professional metropolitan tutors and the tours in our country and abroad. After the tour in Sarov and NN the participants started to Hungary.

  The trip to the European country was not easy. Even during the performance the packing of the prop and the costumes began. And just after the musical the project participants started to the rail way station to catch the night train from NN to Moscow. The boys loaded the suitcases first and then the participants came in to the train cars. That system was presented specially to board 110 passengers quick and quiet. The participants did everything smoothly as they did it during the musical. Distributed in the cars the participants had dinner and went to sleep because they should get up at 6 o’clock next morning. And then they will get to the road again! The road to the Vnukovo airport!  Almost all the participants were able to see Moscow in all its glory and to observe that it is full of the white and green fences there that are figured in the musical. After the long registration the Nuckids participants crossed the border, loaded the plane and felt that Hungary became too close to them.

«How we were travelling to Hungary it is a separate story. I cannot say that it was easy. On the contrary, it was complicated. First we were going by train to Moscow, and then were going to Hungary by airplane. Honestly speaking I was going by plane first time in my life It was unforgettable! I felt >>> that you are not on the earth but are somewhere in the sky. I sat near the window to look out and be pleased with the outside view. I have never seen the cities from the height of the bird’s flight. In a word the emotions are over the edge! It is good that we have reached Europe at last! I have never been here!

Anton Rodionov. 17 y.o., Glasov 

So the difficult way to the Hungarian city of Paks where the first abroad show would be performed were done almost till the end. But the project organizers have prepared the little surprise for the participants. We could not deprive the participants with the possibility to walk Budapest streets and to see its sightseeing’s. The kids were able to see with their own eyes the famous Square of Heroes and the Parliament building, to walk the small neighbourhoods and evaluate the picturesque view of the Danube River. Despite some tiredness and hot weather all the participants liked the excursion very much.

«I liked Budapest very much. It is an amazing city! First it seemed to me that it was similar to Saint Petersburg. But after some time I realized that it was extremely different. Incredible architecture? a lot of destinations and cleanliness too. The streets are very clean there. I was surprised. It is my first visit to Europe and my first visit abroad. Thanks to the NucKids project I made such a trip! It is cool!”

Matvey Borovikiv, 16 y.o., Glazov

The visit to Parliament was a special item in the excursion programme. The residence of Parliament situated on the Danube beach in Budapest has a long-termed history. The elements of neo-gothic architecture following the model of Westminster Palace were bizarrely connected with the Parisian boz art. The kids had the possibility not only took photo in the face of the majestic building, but to visit it too. We were told about the first Hungarian officials, how the meetings took place. We found out a lot of interesting facts about the royal family and have been able to look at the king’s crown.

«Budapest is an amazing city. We had one day only to see its destinations and we have tried and made it. The visit to Parliament stayed apart. Most of all I liked the hall where the crown of Saint Stephan, the Hungarian king. This place is guarded, there are guards around the perimeter and no photos in the hall. Parliament is nice inside it also, there is a lot of gold on the walls and the ceilings are high and majestic. I do not see something like this in Russia”.

Vlada Ustinenko, 13 y.o., Angarsk

Our participants could not resist the beauty of Budapest. After seeing all its sightseeing’s the kids started to Paks by bus.   In two hours we arrived in Paks where our performance «Just summer rain» would take place. We are going to rehearsals!

Leo Souslov,

Specially for nuckids.ru