14 July 2019
Trip to Budapest

A lot of activities are happening at the project – a part of the children is rehearsing dances and group scenes on the stage of the Debrecen theater, another part is preparing songs for recording in a studio, and the others are staging scenes together with the drama director right our in nature. The creative atmosphere has already permeated the student campus buildings, and now in the evenings foreign students of the University of Debrecen have started singing along with the Nuckids. Seems that that is all the teens can dream of. But for NucKids it is too difficult and boring to stand still at one place (especially for three weeks!), so on early Saturday morning they went on an excursion to the capital of hospitable Hungary – Budapest.

 Founded in 1873, the city is located on the banks of one of the longest rivers in Europe – the Danube. The waterfront is being blown over with a strong cold wind, giving one goose bumps even in the 40-degree C summer heat. However, in its magnitude it does not come near the main attractions of the city, located in the historic center, which is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. 

After arrival to Budapest, the first thing the teams went to see was the Square of Heroes. Decorated for the celebration of the Millennium of Hungary, it opens one of the most beautiful parks in Budapest – Varoshliget, next to which an ancient castle, many fountains and the famous széchenyi baths are located. On the square the kids were met by experienced guides and all went to the Buda fortress, located at the top of the Castle hill. 

The history of this Castle dates back to 1255. After the Mongol invasion it was decided to build a fortress to protect the country from the Tatar raids. Very soon several churches and a majestic castle for the king were built on its territory, which now houses the national Hungarian gallery. 

"I really liked the tour around the Buda fortress, especially the story about the architectural styles and their background. My mother told me that Budapest is an incredibly beautiful city, and yesterday I was able to observe all beauty from a bird's eye view", Polina Rafeeva, Moscow. 

After a hearty lunch NucKids went on a tour to the famous Hungarian Parliament. Built in neo-Gothic style, it is one of the biggest and most outstanding buildings in the city. Inside the Parliament there are 10 courtyards, 29 staircases and 691 halls. Above the windows of the building there are stone statues of Hungarian kings, princes of Transylvania, and famous military generals. In addition to excursions, many important political events, elections and various conferences are held there. 

"I’ll never forget the Parliament because it is all golden inside! I've never been to a place like this before. I am very jealous of the people who work there. I would love to go back there more than once!", Semen Konovalov, Novouralsk.

 After visiting the Parliament, NucKids returned to the Square of Heroes in order to take memorable photos and videos from the quadcopter. On the way home, many slept or shared their impressions of what they saw during that eventful day. 

Read about our new events and adventures in the next issue! Nuckids are online! 

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Dear Editors