22 July 2019
What? Where? When? tournament

What? Where? When? Tournament

Only a few days left until the first premiere of the In the Beginning Was the Word musical – a little more than a week. All cast, both junior and senior, rehearse the final scenes of the play, record songs in a professional recording studio and help artists with costumes and props. All in all, the staging process is nearing the finish line and that is why the kids have less time to communicate during the day. But they managed to get away for one evening for the sake of the first What? Where? When? Tournament …

What? Where? When? Tournament is a well-known Russian intellectual game in which teams of experts (players) have to answer various questions in a short period of time. They confer for one minute, formulate a short answer and pass it to the expert judges for evaluation. Each answer should correspond to the question form as accurately as possible.

There are two versions of this game – one for television and one for sports events. There are several differences between them: of course, there are no cameras for the sports version, but also there are a few teams and not one are involved in the gaming process. At the end of the game the answers are given on small pieces of paper to the “swallows”, which are passed on to the jury without voicing the answers. The sports WWW teams are unable to clarify their responses and to engage in discussions with a host after giving an answer, unlike the team in the television option.

"The difference between the variations of the game is huge. The questions in the TV version are much more complicated than the ones that we had. But it is more interesting to play with several teams, as there is always a competition between the teams," says Mikhail Yezhov, Nizhny Novgorod.

At the moment, What? Where? When? it is one of the most popular intellectual team games among the entire Russian-speaking population on the planet. It involves people of different ages and professions, from schoolchildren to CEOs of large industrial companies. There are a number of international tournaments, including the world championship in which the players of the TV WWW Club participate.

At the tournament of the NucKids 2019 in the overall standings there were 20 questions on historical, geographical, and cultural topics. Two teams won – the one led by Marina Tatarenko and the one led by Oleg Golikov. Many participated in the tournament for the first time in their lives.

"I really liked this game. During the discussion I used what I learned in my school program and also my cultural background – what I read or saw in the movies. Now I would like to play more often", says Erica Nedolechko, Moscow.

We can say that the new experience and indescribable emotions were felt by all the participants of the tournament, and the winners received a well-deserved prize – one day without morning exercises and a late wake-up.

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