4 August 2019
The zoo and the aquapark

After the first premiere in Debrecen the Nuckids is in a temporary lull: the stage decorations and costumes are being slowly packed, the younger cast rehearses mass scenes and the older ones rest after a long working week. In general, the routine work mode is on. But unlike professionals, the NucKids have breaks for zoo and an aqua park in their work schedule.

Only a day after the premiere, the kids went on an excursion to the zoo in the city of Niredhaza. The second largest zoo in Hungary, it is home to over 3,500 animals from all six continents including white tigers, brown bears, pink flamingos, African elephants, antelopes and others. The territory of the zoo reaches the size of 13 hectares, and is divided into natural habitats of animals. They are connected by various paths and bridges, varying by height. For example, the paths at the kangaroo enclosure are at ground level, and at the paddock with giraffes rise to a height of four meters. So zoo visitors look at the spotted inhabitants of the Savannah from above, as if they are on the same level with giraffes’ heads.

There is also a tropical house where at certain hours visitors can get under a tropical shower, hear a thunderstorm and see dozens of different species of parrots and snakes and an aquarium with fish of the Indian ocean. Made in a form of glass corridor, it represents diverse sea inhabitants, including clown fish, sea Moray eels, hedgehog fish and even tiger sharks swimming behind its walls.

"This was the second time visiting the zoo in my life. And I was impressed by its size and diversity of the animal world. In Indian zoos only animals from Asia, such as elephants and tigers, are represented. But in this zoo I was able to see a kangaroo, a white wolf and even a polar bear!", says Atarva Deopujari Anant, Mumbai, India.

A day at the zoo was followed by two days of rehearsals in the theater and at the hotel. The younger cast succeeded in staging some dance numbers and rehearsing the bigger part of the scenes during this time.

On the third day after the first premiere the young artists went to the water park in Hajdúszoboszló. Built in 2000, it is claimed to be the best water Park in Hungary equipped with various beach complexes with several types of thermal waters. But what are hot springs for the NucKids, if there are more than 15 water slides on the same territory?

Slides for tubing rides and without them, with steep angles and swirls became the place of attraction for our children. Under the warm Hungarian sun the sound of children’s feet running was constantly heard as well as the sound of trembling iron stairs. It was impossible to track them – from one slide to another they ran arm in arm with each other singing that “The Nuckids is the best project in the world”.

"The slides were super-extreme for me as a person who rode them for the first time. In one of them, the “capsule”, I felt a free fall for a few seconds: the support was gone and I flew down the slide. Plunges on extreme slides gave me a lot of cool emotions, but also helped me to start communicating with some guys", says Maria Golikova, Chelyabinsk.

Now a visit to the zoo and water park is followed by the usual activity of the Nuckids tour – suitcases packing and moving.

Read about how we got to St. Petersburg in the next issue! Nuckids is online!

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