7 August 2019
Move to Saint-Petersburg


For a whole month the participants of the project had been engaged in the staging process in hospitable Hungary, they got acquainted with the peculiarities of the country and visited its best places. And now, after a few weeks in Europe, we return back to Russia and open our tour to “nuclear” cities in the St. Petersburg area.

Nuckids 2019 reached the northern capital via two different flights: Budapest-Moscow and Debrecen-Moscow. The first group of elder kids left campus and went along with Dear Editors for the morning Budapest-Moscow flight. We left the hotel in the evening and many people slept or listened to their favorite music on the buses. The buses arrived at the airport with a small time reserve, which the guys immediately filled with communication and dancing in the deserted airport. According to the request of the air carrier, each child was pre-registered for the flight, so it was only necessary to drop off luggage at the check-in desk and go through passport control. After purchasing Toblerons and Haribo jellies in Duty Free, Nuckids proceeded to the gate.

The flight was quick and quiet. The plane was only half full, which allowed some particularly sleepy participants to take up the whole row and sleep. The landing was so soft that someone did not even feel the contact of the aircraft with the runway.

Russia met us with a cold wind and +13 degrees Celsius. After passport control, many kids immediately connected to unlimited internet and hurried to share their impressions about the flight in social networks.

At the exit from the airport NucKids were seated in a comfortable bus that took them to the next destination – the Leningrad Railway Station, where the guys went to St. Petersburg on one of the fastest trains of our days – “Sapsan”.

Its speed reaches 240 km/h and reduces the time of travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg from the usual 8-9 hours to 4! Unlike many other routes, it makes only two or three key stops: in Tver, Balagoye and in St. Petersburg.

"I heard about the Sapsan a long time ago, but until yesterday I had never ridden it myself. Incredibly comfortable chairs, great atmosphere, qualified and friendly staff, I was very excited!" Daria Sviridenko, Krasnoyarsk.

St. Petersburg also met the project with a cold north wind, +13 degrees Celsius and native Russian speech. On the way from the Moskovskiy Railway Station to the bus the guys had time to enjoy the show of street artists and musicians performing hip-hop and R'n'B styles of dance.

The way to the final destination, Repino, took only an hour of driving along a road lined with beautiful shady forests which is familiar to many participants of previous years.

After the arrival at the Baltiets Hotel the kids quickly moved in, had supper and had short walks with their team leaders before going to bed.

Read about our new adventures in the next issue! Nuckids is online!

Sincerely yours,

Dear Editors