8 August 2019
Premiers at Sosnovy bor

Before the performances at Sosnovy Bor, NucKids had only one and a half day of rehearsals. On the shore of the Gulf of Finland and in the theater from dusk to dawn rehearsals were held. It may seem that it was enough time for rehearsals: to mark up a new stage, to plan the dances and to lay out the costumes. But when it comes to a full-fledged professional performance with massive props and two casts, what does this time mean then? Is it possible to rehearse the scenes and perform brilliantly on the new stage?

If you ask the participants of Nuckids 2019, they will answer that such conditions are not a hindrance for real young performers. After all, what could be more exciting than such a challenge?

"It was incredibly exciting. I really like when everything goes without unnecessary stops, and I come back home tired. But it was a bit difficult at the same time", says Ivan Zuborenko, Sovetsk.

This premiere was the starting point for almost half of the project, because the first performance of the junior cast took place at Sosnovy Bor! Before that, the kids rehearsed only in the Hungarian campus and on the small stage of the Opera house. But night rehearsals with team leaders and older guys gave the guys confidence in their abilities, helped to perform at the highest level and get respect of creative mentors.

Due to technical problems, the first performance ended almost 30 minutes later than scheduled. So almost immediately after the first premiere the guys were ready to go on stage and perform again. It was necessary to change the props and costumes within 10 minutes, move all the chairs and make a new make-up.

While the NucKids were preparing for the second stage, the audience exchanged impressions in the hall of the theater. Employees of LNPP, participants of the Russian student construction society, friends and parents of the participants, all of them came out of the hall amazed by what they saw. In their opinion, the performance of NucKids’ was at the level of many professional productions, caused a lot of emotions and thoughts. Someone could even understand the trends of modern youth and understand where it spends most of its time with the help of the play.

Though there were some empty seats due to the starting time of the first showing, at the evening performance theatre was full. Top managers of LNPP also came to the performance and expressed their gratitude to the leaders and creators of the project for all the work done.

During the evening performance the older cast charged with the energy of the hall from the first performance, consolidated the success of their young colleagues and caused a storm of applause from the locals.

Read about our new adventures in the next issue! Nuckids is online!

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Dear Editors