Hello, my name is Kamila. I am from Almaty city, Kazakhstan. I study in gymnasium school No.1. I like studying in the school and take active part in its social and cultural life. I also have various hobbies that I really enjoy. They are reading books like fiction, fine literature and bestsellers, sports like aikido and swimming, handcrafts like origami, drawing and painting, and recreational dancing and singing.  I came to like reading from my early age, because books take me into the world of dreams, great heroes and acts of bravery. It is really a great fun to read exciting and interesting books. Another hobby of mine is Origami, which is a special art of paper folding. I can’t even imagine how complicated our life would be without origami. It is really interesting to learn new techniques and make new figures in Origami. I aslo go to Aikido, because it is an interesting sport. Learning Aikido helps me to defend myself from attackers and to control myself in dangerous situations.Today my achievement in Aikido is 7th kyu.  I also like swimming, because I like staying in water. Swimming is also good for my health, it helps me to relax. Before school I used to go to the local FOCUS dance club. I learnt dancing techniques and made my dancing skills better. I have few good friends. I always ready to help them and they can rely on me. We often meet with each other to have great time and fun.