I am sure that the project will bring me memories that will stay with me for the whole life.

I have a rich imagination. I like to write books, sometimes publish my works on different sites. Together  we, me and my friends, develop computer games, in our team I write stories for new games, draw illustrations for them. After school, I spend a lot of time in the theatricalStudio "Blue Crab". This year we'll perform another performance in which I participate. My best friends are the guys from the Studio, we understand each other very well. We work together on performances, go to festivals, hiking and just love to communicate with each other. I think I can become a programmer in the future. I am lucky to have my younger brother.  Even though he's only a year and three months old. He combines two of personalities in one. Sometimes he shouts, runs, rushes - everything that ordinary children do, and sometimes looks like a serious "Deputy".  I spend a lot of time playing with him.