I'm fond of scene and theatrical atmosphere. This fuss in the wings is awesome!

I'm creative. I like to listen to music, especially punk, post-punk rock. Or underground, in one word. I'm studying in the musical studio. I read poems, prose. I've Become the winner of several acting competitions. Now I learn to play the guitar, sing a little. I write stories and poems. I go in for sports ... I've been playing football for 6 years, and now I go in for boxing. I can ride everything: rollerskates, skates, bicycle, scooter. I'm pretty good at computers and  at Sony Vegas. Participated in 2 theatrical performances. Once starred in a movie.

About friends. I don't have a lot of them. Only 1 - Semyon. But I have a lot of aquaintances. For example, one of them is a real chess genius. He took 3rd place in the ranking of the best players in Europe. He can do everything.