My dream is to get the main unforgettable roles in different plays and musicals. I wish to be successful in singing beautiful vocal parts. I would like to gain knowledge and practice skills in vocals, choreography and acting.

I am a sociable, bright, hardworking, talented, kind and modest girl of 11 years. I really love singing, dancing, tumbling and doing gymnastics! Also, I like sculpting, drawing, knitting, learning English and surfing the Net for interesting information. From the age of 4 I have been actively engaging in vocal and ballet. I am the soloist of the pop song group “Show class”, the soloist of the ballet choreographic studio “Inspiration” at the town center “Mayak”. I am in the 4th grade of the secondary school with in-depth course of English and in the 5th grade of the music school. I play two musical instruments: the flute and the piano. This year I also began playing the acoustic guitar. I actively take part in all town concerts and municipal events. I take part in the orchestra of folk instruments “Russians” at the town center “Builder”, and I accompany on the flute in the children's orchestra of accordionists at the music school # 1. I have many friends! And, of course, I have a close friend. She is an interesting and outgoing person!