First of all, I will show my talent and develop it. I will make new friends from different parts of the world and will be able to speak English, communicating with the guys from other countries , which will be a good practice in my further study.

My name is Alexander Mitrov. I'm 13 years old. I live in Udomlya, Tver region. I study music in the 6th grade of Music School, play the piano, sing in the choir and in solo, perform at concerts. I train in the tennis section. I participate in competitions and get prizes. I am an actor of the children's musical theater. I have participated in 8 performances: "About the little Goat", "Magic seven", "Mysterious hippopotamus", "It's very interesting", "Lazy frog", "Tomasina", "Village stories" and " The Dogs". I like to show tricks to friends, teachers, relatives and friends. I know how to collect Rubik's cube, pyramid and other puzzles. My record for building a 3x3 cube is 31,25 seconds. I love to perform at concerts with solo vocal and at the theater performances. I am a winner of a number of singing contests. And so I want to express myself on the "NucKids" project.