I want to get great emotions and realize my creative abilities.

I have been going to musical school since I was 6 years old. I do vocal, choreography, acting, play the piano and sing in a choir. I like to perform on the stage with my girls who are participants of our pop group «Victoria». I am a solist of the group. Music is my love and passion and I can not live without it. I have participated in many international competitions. I have been to Moscow, St Petersburg, Kazan, Bulgaria, Volgograd and Sochi. My favorite performers are Poline Gagarina and Adele and I try to follow their steps.

My hobby is to read fantastic books. I want to be a filmmaker in the future to shoot films on the plots of books.

I like to spend free time with my friends. We go to the cinema, walk  in a park and make something together.

I will want to go to France( especially to Paris), Japan and Italy(especially to Venice).