For me, a project is a good opportunity for self-realization, creative growth and development, the opportunity to communicate and meet new friends, broaden horizons, get new emotions and impressions.

I have been playing football since early childhood. I was engaged in professional futsal at the age of 5 in school №2. Up to 3rd grade, I was able to combine sports, swimming and drama school at DShI №2 "Glazovchanka.". Then I had to make a choice in favor of one hobby, which I could focus on professionally. I was completely captured by the Studio of "Podmaster'ya". Our professional teacher and talented director contributed a lot to this. I go to her lessons and workshops in acting and staging performances with the great pleasure . I love to sing, so I also do vocal. Successful performing on stage brings me joy and satisfaction. But I don’t give up sport either. Whenever possible and in leisure time I play basketball and handball at school. The coach invited me to our school team in order to defend the honor of the school in local competitions. I have one close school friend with whom we have been friends since the first grade. He loves sports as well as I do. Together we play hockey in  winter and streetball in summer. Besides, I have a lot of friends and acquaintances, both at school, in the city and ,after a trip to Artek, also in Russia.