22 June 2012
The most important information about NUCKIDS-2012

Important information for parents

1.About cell phones. We strongly recommend to explore the capabilities of mobile operators before leaving. It can be activated the service type "Everywhere as at home", all income calls will be free. It is just an advice, not instruction. However, we warn that organizers will not be issued any local sim card. Because, you know, that will be a few people who will like to make contracts on their passport. By the way, MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele2 work fine in the "Orlenok"

 2. About the money. There are ATMs VTB24 and Sberbank on the territory of the "Orlenok". Visits the ATM may be only with accompany by a counselor. Also you can send money by wire transfer to children. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +7 985 4270777 before. We'll explain how to do this.

3. About valuables. We do not recommend to take the following things:

- Expensive audio and video equipment, with the exception of low-cost camera

- Expensive clothes

- Expensive shoes and perfumes

- Jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum and precious stones. Center will not be able to ensure the safety in children's groups

- Rollerblades and skateboards.

Please notice! Our team leaders are not eligible to take things that are in list above. They are irresponsible for things given to them for safekeeping.

4. What you need to take:

- Tracksuit and indoor sports shoes;

- Clothes for everyday wear (shorts, T-shirts with short sleeves - 2-3 sets, cap, kerchief or sun hat);

- Elegant clothes for evenings, discos;

- Sneakers, woven shoes, sandals with a fixed heel, slates for the beach;

- Swimsuit, trunks (better to have two sets);

- 5-6 pairs of socks or golf;

- Underwear (panties, T-shirts, combinations, etc.) with the expectation of a change in 2-3 days;

- Pajamas, night gowns;

- Jacket, jeans for trips in the mountains.

Personal care products:

- Toothbrush and toothpaste;

- Soap. Soap, with which you can wash the socks, trunks, underwear;

- Washcloths, shampoo, cream (once a week official washing, and you can take the shower almost every day);

- Hairbrush or comb the hair, nail scissors;

- A large bath towel - for the beach and the shower;

- For girls: beauty products for skin care and body care, products for critical days, better if all this will be in a special bag for personal care.

5. Do you need to give t money?

If a family has the opportunity, of course it must be done. Money is needed for an individual photographing, while traveling outside of the "Orlenok", to buy sweets and small items, souvenirs with symbol of "Orlenok". Money can be hold in savings bank of children's camp, where you can get the required amount. Also, our project will not stop in "Orlenok". We will travel through Russia and go to Hungary. Think through these questions.

6. What is the fastest way to send money to children?

Telegraphic transfer to the cashier of children's camp "Star", indicating for whom money is intended. The child gets the money from the cashier camp. Surnames of cashier camp "Star" - Svetlana Romanovskaya;

For example, 352,842 Orlenok Tuapse Krasnodar,  to Romanovskay Svetlana Sergeyevna for Pupkina Pupki.

7. You can contact by phone at any time +7 985 4270777. This is a phone of a project coordinator Pronin Pauvel, who is always happy to cooperate with you. Just do not forget that in the "Orlenok" is Moscow time. So do not be surprised that if you are calling at 8am Vladivostok time you wouldn’t be understood.