28 June 2012

Dear friends! To our great regret you need to make one more document. You don’t need to send it. You just need to bring it with you when you arrive at the "Orlenok". It is another parental consent to your travel to Hungary. Unfortunately, it turns out that we will fly in two groups. And our permanent head teacher Vyacheslav Amoz can’t be in two places one time. This yields the following:

You need to make another permission to travel to Hungary. Making it like the previous one. That is:

The consent of both parents (a notarized consent of both parents to child departure to the Republic of Hungary from August 10 to August 25, 2012,  a group led by Anna Sergeyevna Trapeznikova (Passport 4508 series number 898675 issued ATS Troparevo-Nikulino Moscow December 26, 2006 year. subdivision code 772-039. Birthdate: 20/07/1961, place of birth - Mumbai, India):

In consent must be written the team leader, country and stay date!

In case of failure of the execution of documents, please contact Anna Bystrova immediately number 8-499-949-47-46, mob. 8-903-733-78-61 

We apologize once more time. The information that we are fly in two groups appeared only two days ago, so there is nothing we could do. Unfortunately, the group travels to the Schengen countries is a very complex process.