13 July 2012
One MORE Creative task

Dear Friends!

One more task from our creative team. There is still some time before the project and you can spend it fruitfully, especially if you know how to draw. We needed drawings for our play. It will be used in video projection. So, you are invited to draw the following:

1. A Train station

2. A landscape through the train window (forests, fields, towns, the station, view of the platform)

3. A night landscape through the train window.

 4. Kids dreams - a drop-curtain, a football match, a big man and a small are holding hands, an iphone, a guitar, a microphone.

5. A starry sky

6. A book with inscription "The Shakespeare" and the Rose

7. A queue or logo of The Factory of Stars

8. A Projection – a portrait of a girl, similar to Nastya. (On-site)

9. A Projection - a child's drawing of the papa (a person who can go to Sergei in the final scene, as a papa) (on-site)

10. A Projection - child's drawings of parents.

11. A Figure of clock with the time 20:50

12. Newspaper headlines.

13. A headline "Show" Hicks. "

Draw as you can! And, of course, the best pictures will be rewarded!