18 July 2012
The main characters of musical are chosen

The project «Nuclear Kids» of the State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom» started at the All-Russian Children's Center "Orlenok". All 76 children from Russia and from the six countries of the world safely came to the camp, but some even had to overcome a thousand miles to get the Krasnodar region. The second day was one of the most important and exciting, because it was the final casting of the project.

Not child excitement

To get to the «NucKids», most of the guys had to go through serious steps of casting. On the 18th of July was the most decisive stage - musical director Alex Frandetti divided roles among the participants in the future musical.

  There is the crowd of guys in the queue in front of the Hall, where someone is singing or reading something from papers. Someone like Galina Grigorieva from Nizhny Novgorod, who are  measuring a corridor by steps and repeating a passage from "Peter Pan", has no specific wishes: "I  just want to have a role", - says Galina. But Peter Baikov, who came from Hungary, has already decided what role he wants. He wants to act the character Roman or Sergey. In order to convince the director that he is a good contender, Peter is preparing to perform a song from High School Musical.

The most important is WHO YOU ARE

Alex Frandetti, who even on the casting wants to see the maximum what kids can do, is admitting that the task to put a professional musical almost of eighty actors for twenty days seems fantastic now. And it is even more interesting, according to the director, for the creative team to do it.

"I do not know when I will have a chance more to work with such team of eighty young artists. And the most interesting that this year we have a very complex scenario and very complicated music. This is top Broadway musicals, which are performing today and draw full houses, and we get the official permission for performing this musical material in Russia. All this is not easy, but I can see how kids are excited. And believe in them. "- said the director.

Speaking about the content of the script, the story is based on the pursuit of the main characters of the production - of young people from different cities - to go to the capital and make their dreams come true. But Alexei Frandetti sees the main aim not in convincing the young and ambitious kids to conquer the heart of Russia, but in helping the young people to realize that the main thing is not where you are, but who you are.

"The main idea of the script is that it is no matter where you are: in London, Moscow, Mumbai, you must be yourself. You can use your talent, your abilities "- Alex smiling.

To clear your baggage and write the script

This idea corresponds to the ideology of the project. The author of the project, a head of communications of "Rosatom" Sergey Novikov told that one of the main tasks was to integrate the children from small towns near the nuclear power plants with culture of the big cities, a help in finding friends. This year, according to Alexei Frandetti, the author of the idea of the project became also a co-writer. Sergei Novikov said that it is too loud.

"As the author of the project idea, I am helping where I can see the problem. If you need to carry the luggage, I will carry it, and if you want to change the script, I will do it, "- says Sergey G.

He added that the leading role in the musical, of course, not all of the participants will be able to get, but they need to be ready for the daily hours of rehearsals.

"But those who will participate in the musical, will know why they are working and will become a small stars in 2012", - said Sergei Novikov.

According to the casting results Daria Antonyuk, Ksenia Detkova, Eugeny Yegorov, Alexei Kurteev, Natalia Laktionova, Roman Larin, Maxim Lyzlov, Nadegda Molokanova, Leo Suslov got the main role.