20 July 2012
The third day and the first rehearsal

If the seaside atmosphere is favorable for a rest for a majority of tourists, then the participants of the project «Nuclear Kids» it inspires for creativity. The guys are even ready to sacrifice few hours rest at sea for the self-realization on the stage. The third day of rehearsals shows a timetable and how to work in the coming days.

By the approved schedule the project participants will work every day for six hours in the three different rehearsal floors, which will run in parallel. The Project director Alex Frandetti will be working with the main actors, and then with the ensemble and then at the evening will make a third the general rehearsal. The project choreographer Maxim Nedolechko will have a rehears with leading artists, as well as with the ensemble. The singing teacher Albina Seydametova will improve the kid’s mastery on individual training.

On the first morning rehearsal with Alexei Frandetti eleven children were discussing the script; analyze the nature of the central characters and their relationships with each other, trying to understand how they need to play and what they have from the heroes of this story. Maxim Nedolechko at this time was working with the children, who are involved in the episodes. Then the group reversed.

Rehearsal ended only in the evening, and future artists were walking through the alleys of the "Orlenok". Especially for parents they didn’t look exhausted and tired. They are "nuclear children."