22 July 2012
To SEE the "Orlenok" And ... rock!

To come to the children's center "Orlenok" is a dream not only of Soviet pioneers, but also thousands of children today. Participants of the «NucKids» managed to combine useful and pleasant this year. They are not only making a musical show, combining work with pleasure, but also do it in a unique place "Orlenok". The opening ceremony of the International camp was the first event, where children from the «NucKids» and the organizers of the project took part.

The state flags of the different countries, more than three thousand of happy children's faces, exciting songs, dances, smiles – this is the atmosphere of the best children's center. For children who were standing in front of the camp, the opening ceremony launched one of the most memorable periods of life. There are new friends, the sea, the sun, and of course, creativity in the future. This year in the "Orlenok" are dozens of different projects, the largest are : International Children's art project «Nuclear Kids», International session "Open World" and the International Children's Art Festival "Little flowers-Seven-color." The Head of the «NucKids» Anna Trapeznikov, by speaking at the opening line, told that after 17 days child from camp will be the musical audience, which will be made by the creative team and the project participants. And before that, Anna Sergeyevna wished children to spend this camp very good.

"You have the opportunity to do something memorable these days. I think we will open a new chapter in the legendary history of the "Orlenok" together. And I'm sure you'll remember this time for all your life, "- said the head of the project.

However, the opening of the camp would not be the last event of the "Orlenok", where the children of employees of the nuclear industry will be involved. According to Anna Trapeznikova, the project «NucKids» intends to take all the best for work and leisure from the "Orlenok"

"We chose the" Orlenok", firstly, because the «School of "Rosatom" have been already participated a few times. Secondly, the camp provides opportunities not only for practicing, but also for leisure and health of children. Kids, who are not involved in the preparation of the musical, have the opportunity to swim, visit the tour and participate in other activities in the camp. The "Orlenok" really know how children should rest, "- said Anna Trapeznikov.

According to Sergei Stepantsov, the head of organizational support programs of the "Orlenok", children's center staff is ready to do their best and wants that the guys from «NucKids» take home many pleasant experiences. There is no doubt that the "Orlenok» will remember participants from "Rosatom", because it is the first time when such show are making in a such short period in the camp.

"As for the schedule, the project organizers have tried to build it in such way that after rehearsals children could walk to the sea, to events and excursions. We understand the needs, and I think the balance between rest and work during the children's stay at our base will be organized, "- said Sergey.