23 July 2012
So different and dolphins

“Business before pleasure» - according to this proverb participants of the project «Nuclear Kids» are living in the "Orlenok" for a week already. But on Sunday, despite the busy schedule of rehearsals, a group of children managed to go to the dolphinarium. Here they had the opportunity not only to entertain, but also to get to know each other more closely, of prime importance for foreign participants in the project, whom were the most.

Max is coming to help

The group of participants «NucKids» number eleven are mostly consist of foreigners who overcame thousands of miles to come to the "Orlenok". Despite the fact that not all children can speak fluently in English, the language is not a barrier. Where it is not enough knowledge of English for communication, gestures or singing come for help. The «NucKids» are singing everywhere, that again proved the way to the Dolphinarium.

But if the difficulties in translation appear, Maxim Kyzyltau from Turkey comes to help. "Maaaaaksiiim" - is heard here and there. And Max is coming to help. He has been speaking Russian, Turkish, and English from childhood, and in the "Orlenok» he is attending a short-term course of simultaneous interpreter, intervene between peers from different countries.

Besides the social work, Max plays the role of a doctor in the musical «NucKids». At home in Turkey, he is studying music and plays the blues in his group. He sent video with performance to get to the project of "Rosatom". But Maxim does not connect future career with the music world and prefer to play more for himself and his friends. After 12 years he wants to be a lawyer in international law, followed by large multinational companies. He is planning to have education in Turkish, Russian and American universities.

"I recently had an internship in a law firm, and I liked it. Now started to learn hard, got the motivation, and began to read a special book, "- Max Talmud shows the size of the imaginary law book.

So, big companies must start thinking how to get hold of me.

Mikhalkov is forever, or a military pilot VS Teacher

Two girls are sitting near Maxim, who either sing or talk all the time. They look like Russian, and very proud of it: «We like Russians, really? » - Laugh Marianka Botha and Colleen Kaufman from South Africa. They are fourteen, they do music and dance. Despite the fact that among African girls is mutual understanding, their future plans are radically different. Colleen after school is planning to go to the army, and then wants to learn how to operate military aircraft. She snorts after hearing that her friend wants to teach at the school. But Marianka defends her desire to give kindness, eternal. By betting whose profession is cooler, girls, who have never read poems by Sergei Mikhalkov and therefore do not know that "mothers all need", finds common desire in an effort to learn Russian.

"He's very beautiful, very difficult ... Well, in general," - said in English Colleen and tries to combine the letters on the glass with cola in the words, "Shrek is forever."

After returning to South Africa, she plans to immediately start learning Russian alphabet. And there are just some steps to Mikhalkov.

And about dolphins

Twelve years old Kaliya Niker is much less talkative than her friends, but no less talented and employable. With Maxim’s help we knew that the girl decided to send materials to the casting «NucKids», because he loves musicals and she likes to play them in school. At the project she is dancing and singing. Kalia, the girl was very surprised about the question, whether she is feeling tired after rehearsals: «Oh, no! ». And she smiles by her little shy smile.

Active kolleen giggling Marianka, ambitious Maxim and shy Kalia – The project «NucKids» every day shows how wonderful the child world.

If readers are still waiting when dolphins will appear, then:

"Dolphins ... Yes, was nice," - said the children in the bus.