25 July 2012

Someone can think that hour of vocal training and choreography, the development of acting; learning plays are too much for the children from the project.  But the «Nuclear Kids» easy prove that they can do even more - taking the brushes and paints. The paintings, which were made for the fifteen minutes, will be the main decorations of the musical. Meanwhile, the designer of the project Timothy Riabushinskii believes that the goal is not just to decorate the stage by children's drawings, but the most important is to convince them to perceive the pictorial art as a fun.


The first task is to draw a landscape. To draw a house in the village with grandmother, a corner, which is associated with warm memories or a place where have never been, but want to go. The main thing is not to be shy of empty paper.

  "You are lying if telling that can’t draw. Just you've never tried "- says Timothei to Gleb Borisov.

Soon on the boy picture appeared the mountains and it is the most vivid picture of nature, which he had seen.

«Two years ago we went to Gelendzhik for the first time and I have seen the mountains and the sea, it was very beautiful," - says Gleb.

"I can’t do so", - complains sitting beside Natasha Nikolaev from Seversk, observing the movements of the hand Timothy in his paper. "No, you can do all. Just use more paint. Mix them. Look what yellow you had. The sun can be different "- says Timothy and give brush to her.

Natasha is drawing the sunset. "The sun is reflected in the water. It is especially beautiful when it is red. We have a river in Seversk and the sunset is beautiful. But the sea is still better, "- says the girl.

To DO as Van Gogh

Her namesake Natasha under inspiration is drawing a place that has never seen. In the picture, which is more like an abstraction, there are a lot of greens. The fact that the image not look like a landscape doesn’t bother Natasha. She has already given to the teacher ... - the landscape of Van Gogh.

"Yes, painted Van Gogh very seriously," - said Natasha.

After this you can relax.


-Ahhh! - Panicky screaming Nadia Molokanova. She mixed up the paint and now in the place where must be blue sky is a red spot.

- What have happened? Let's continue to paint - says Timothy.

-  By red paint? - Surprised Nadia.

- Of course, it is the sky. You will have a red sky. So what? - Smiles Timothy.

While the neighbors were finishing one picture, Colin Kaufman of South Africa managed to draw two. On one is a creature like a doe. The plot of other will be mystery to mankind, because was ruthlessly destroyed by the author.

- Where is your picture? - Asked in English Timothy.

- Escaping - laughs Colin.

- Do you really think that all can draw?" - asking Timothy, and remembered the school art classes, which destroyed the desire to paint. - Of course. Just you can take it seriously or not - says the artist.

The floor in the room is slowly filled up with drawings.

The children start the second task to draw a platform.

"Here is a guy with such a cap. You know just don’t need to be afraid. It will be look like it must be, "- telling Timothy and stooping over another child’s drawings.