27 July 2012
Maksim Nedolechenko: “Closer to the stars and decent people”

"Not to meet with my Dad - he is married," - in such T-shirt a serious girl is walking in the "Orlenok" - the daughter of the permanent choreographer of the project Maksim Nedolechko. We try to break a strict ban of six years Erica and to meet with Maxim closer. The issues that have been discussed were only professionals: the difference in choreography musical-2012 from the previous performances, prospects of the «NucKids» and plans of the dance group «Street Jazz», headed by Maxim Nedolechko. Was also discussed the issue of education - his own children and also a "nuclear" ones, who became almost family for three years.

STARS - as children

- Maxim, your profession is to work with the stars. At the project «NucKids» you have to imagine dances for children. Is it hard to reorganize all and what is the specific of working with young artists?.

To reorganize is not difficult, because the stars are like kids (laughs). But seriously, if you find the right approach to children and make them interested, they greatly facilitate your work and will do all that they require. The most important thing is to be honest. If it is hard, I must honestly say, "It will be hard." Only then everything will work.

- For the first time it will be the professional musical this year, and, according to the stage director Alexei Frandetti, comparable to previous performances it will be much more complex musical material. What about dancers? Is the task will be complicate for them too?

- The musical is a very difficult genre. In the music drama soloist can sing, dancer - dance. The music becomes more complex, because every artist has to be at one time a singer and dancer, and actor. And if the moon shines in the song, we have to show by the movement how the moon is shining. So that’s why any dance here is not just a set of movements, it is a mini-play. There are a separate numbers of artists who can sing, dance, and play. It is very small numbers because, originally, a person has only one talent. But this year I was surprised and pleased by the fact that they can do it all at once.

It is IMPOSSIBLE, but can be achieved

- By what features you, as a leader of one of the most popular dance bands in the country, recognize in the children potential professional artists? Do you aim them to enroll in a creative university?

- Usually, children are interested by themselves, what to do, where to go. Of course, for most the dance is more fun than professional path. But there are those who are planning to enter in the universities which will help them to develop more. For example, a participant of the previous project Dmitry Simonov, who was not a good singer and dancer, but was a good actor, entered into GITIS. It is the result. It's great that the project «NucKids» helps children to understand that they like to create. And thanks to Sergei G. Novikov, who created such a machine in which they are working, and developing. And in the end, by looking at the eyes of the children, you know why such projects exist. The «NucKids» must further help children to make their dreams come true.

You are the veteran of the project. What year was the most memorable?

- It is some event every year. It is individual life, individual performance, and some obstacles which you have to overcome. And it can’t be compared. In the first year I thought it was a scam. And, frankly, I wanted to refuse, thinking "Why should I disgrace myself? I understand that’s impossible».  It is impossible to make play with the children in such a short time; it is impossible to rehearse and so on. And then you are sitting in the audience at the premiere and thinking: «That’s impossible! ". But you see that children are working professionally, and it works.

The most memorable is the last evening, when all children are crying on the chest. When you eat from the same plate, and sometimes do not eat, it drew closer. On the last day it seems to everyone that they will never meet again. And then it comes the next year, and it all starts from the beginning.

RAISE the project level and bring up children

- After the project, children are returning to their small town, where many of them are stars already. Can you, as a person who are already many years in the artistic environment, prescribe medicine from the star fever?

It is very important issue. All depends on the character and education. We are all sinners, and can be vain andproud-spirited. And each has the period in life when you think you're a bit above the rest. I don’t know if I ever had a star fever. May be I had.  But for me it easier, because I am spending 24 hours near artists and in this environment it is useless to show off because there all the stars. I think it depends on the creative team who surrounds children. And if the teacher shows off, of course, the children will take his example. So, perhaps we just need to be creative, and to direct children right. I'm trying to do it here and with my own children.

Max, you made a lot for «NucKids»; you make a play for the biggest shows of the country. What ambitions have not been realized yet in the project and on the big stage?

If we continue to cooperate with the "Rosatom", I want to raise the level of the project, increase the number of children and do every year more and more professional and large-scale story. And in terms of creativity, all is okey now. We achieved all that could be in Russia. Now we want to make big show program for the «Street Jazz». In recent years, we are contacting with the First Channel, the large-scale show "Golden Gramophone", "Property of the Republic", the major festivals. Want people to see us from the different part of view.

The biggest my ambitious are personal. It is bringing up my children. And there is also a certain part of the creativity, as they are also singing and dancing. I want that my children will be kind and decent.