27 July 2012
Attention! There is only EIGHT DAYS before «the STATION of a DREAM "! There is only EIGHT DAYS before «the STATION of a DREAM»!!!!

The intrigue around the name of the future musical «Nuclear Kids» is discovered. The stage director Alexei Frandetti summed up the results of the competition among the participants and declared that future musical will be called "The Station of a Dream ". This version, created by Ksenia Detkov, will appear on posters during a tour of the children through Russia and Hungary. It is only eight days before the premiere of "the Stations of a Dream "in the" Orlenok".

According to Alexei Frandetti, all participants were proposing the name of the future performances; some even made the list of names. But the creative team led by stage director was most impressed by the idea of ​​Ksenia Detkova.

"On the one hand, in the script we do have the station -" Moscow ", about which all the characters are dreaming. On the other hand, the station also can be atomic. There is a paraphrase of the title, which seemed to be very successful, "- said Alexey Frandetti.

15-year-old Ksenia Detkov, who plays Svata in the project, cannot explain how she invented this name. "I just had a script in my head, and somehow it appeared". But as we all know there is nothing accidental in the creative process. Like her character, Ksenia is expecting to go to the capital in a couple of years. And her "The station a Dream is not far.

«Of course it is scary without parents, without responsibility. But, on the other hand, it is the opportunity to become an adult, "- said Ksenia.

The participants of the "Orlenok" will be able to see the "The Station of a Dream» in eight days. According to Alexei Frandetti process of preparing completed by 65%. So, the hottest rehearsal is just in the future.