29 July 2012
People are painting the MUSICAL

The energy and drive gifted by children is the Perpetual motion machine of the project «Nuclear Kids». It is the fourth year when they are surprising professional artists and teachers by creating a large-scale production at the shortest time. But the big music show can’t be without a team of theater designers who are liven up the scene that the audience of  " The Stations of a  Dream "start  believing that it is metropolis, the great, terrible and beautiful in its diversity. This year, this complex problem is solving by design director Timothy Riabushinsky, scene-painter director Dmitry Gorbas and costume designer Julia Kronrod.

The greatest discovery is children

"The main discovery of this year is the camp" Orlenok" and children. I have never experience this before "- Timothy Riabushinskii smiles answering about his artistic achievements in the project« NucKids ». The scenery invented by himself, according to Timothy, made ​​of three parts: stools, table and lamp. However, it will be hard to understand by the future viewers. But under simple conception is hidden a philosophy which beauty is reflected even in the simple art "things".

"Children are creating their own world. Everything is simple:  a tent is a castle, a pillow is a Napoleon hat, and stools are skyscrapers. It is naive things, but the musical is very trivial and naïve by itself, so the approach to it should be the same. Children are coming on the stage and deciding: "Let's make a train and go. And building their own compartment, then the city, and in the final the stage "- says Timothy.

The World, which is made by children, is good for directing, and choreography. Skyscrapers become real when the actors climb on it, and when members of the project running on the stools. It looks very impressive, but the beauty of the project is secondary after safety. The Responsibility for the strength of the furniture is under designer Dmitry Gorbas, who personally making all the scenery.

"Of course, the safety of children is above all. And every day we are checking the constructions for reliability. As a result is the decoration, which works not only static, but also in the dance numbers. "- Says Dmitry.

HAND-MADE BRACELETS, biker waistcoat and other fashion bracelets

 Another important component of the design of the performance is the look of the main characters. "The special feature of this play is that we are not sewing," - says the costume designer Julia Kronrod, carefully threading the needle through denim. Julia really hasn’t been sewing anything for the play: all clothes were bought in Moscow shops, as well as in the markets of the Tuapse district. In her hands very crude jacket becomes pretty hand-made bracelets, and tatty denim shirt - a fashionable biker waistcoat.

"Firstly I was looking only on the characters. And then have met the guys more closely and started already considering their personality. The costume should shownot only the character, but also a person. I know that the actor is waiting for this waistcoat, and it is great, because he will go on the stage and feel not only a hero, but himself "- says Julia.

"Ahhh!" - Delightedly screaming Tashbulatov Vlad, who plays Roma, by wearing the waistcoat and looking at the stripes. - This is great! ".

Other kids are satisfied with their costumes too. And this is the most important. After all people still adorning the place and clothes, not vice versa. And, it seems, «NucKids» understand it perfectly.

Natalia Gubareva, specially for the “NucKids”