30 July 2012
DREAMS or 100 FRIENDS ON THE Birthdays

The Participants of «NucKids» have a tradition: every year in one of the evening they are having a Birthday Day. During this day all children who had a Birthday in a camp are receiving congratulations. The tiredness from rehearsals and small problems are not exist anymore now and giving a way to the unity and friendship. And of cause the happiness from gifts is the main part of the celebration. The main characters of this day are congratulated by the organizers and participants of the «Nuclear Kids».

13 BIRTHDAY persons

13 persons are celebrating the Birthday in this year on the project.  No one is thinking about stupid superstitions after looking at the happy faces of the children who had gathered for the birthday. Gleb Bogdanov, Ilya Tarasov, Marina Tkacheva, Nastia Lyamtseva, Ksenia Krivosheina, Vlad Tashbulatov, Marianka Botha, Shaylan Burke, Eugene Egorov, Roma Larin, Christina Stenina, Sasha Nikolaev and Balaji Ramasamy, who are having the birthday party is hardly ever going to have a hundred guests, obviously enjoys the situation. A birthday guests look happy too, teacher-educator Helen and Olga Gordeeva Rudin don’t need to make atmosphere. The party was becoming more and more interesting, moving by energy of "nuclear kids."

First Margarita Match the team number 11. "The Golden Voice of Ukraine congratulated the kids and performed «The Road Jack», which was accompanied by dancers. The Team number 13 with their song "Where does childhood» for a couple of minutes reminded that Birthday is a sad holiday, but the group "MegaLazha" which formed by Vlad Moskalenko team number 15, made again ​​the audience laugh. In pauses between numbers kids were coming to a large white stand and were leaving imprints of their palms there. Make a wish in this case wasn’t forbidden.


After children's congratulations came the adults time to show their talents. The youth leaders of the «Orlenok" made guys to think about the song "Let's make pauses in the words," teachers of the  project led by Vyacheslav Amosov presented the warm words and medals in the form of the sun. Maxim Nedolechko wished always to be the best and always take precedence over the circumstances. And with the words «Go on, Daughter!" gave way to one of his best creations in life - to Eric Nedolechko, whose dance made a storm of applause.

It is not a secret that the question "What presents we will have?" was one of the most discussed in the camp before the birthday Day. The intrigue opened project manager Anna Trapeznikov. She wished each of the kids to fulfill their aims in the life, and then presented gifts which will help to memories each step of theirs career. The present was the electronic photo frame with photographs from the project. The Frame as a reward for their creativity received Ksenia Detkov as an author of the name of the musical "The station of a Dream "from Anna Trapeznikova.

At the end of the birthday Day visitors and organizers have released balloons into the sky to each was attached a dream. The premiere of «The Stations of a Dream " will be soon!

Natalia Gubareva, specially for the “NucKids”