2 August 2012
The Rehearsal of adult life

The featured actors from "the station of a Dream» are busy people. Walking from vocals to choreography, from classes of acting to the rehearsal with Alexei Frandetti, in breaks is fitting the suits.  However, we managed to catch the actors during the "breaks" between the activities and talk about the project, the nature of their characters, as well as the difficult choice between metropolitan and homeland, which will be made by the guys from the atomic cities.

Opened CHILDREN from closed cities

The project «NucKids» is not a terra incognita for many of the child’s but meeting place and opportunity to make friends. Roma Larin from Novovoronezh, who is participating for the second time, admit that he is trying to go to the "Orlenok" because wants to see the familiar faces. Maxim Lyzlov, who is on the project for the first time, came from Ozersk to make friends from other countries.

Eugene Egorov from Nizhny Novgorod is on the project for the first time too. To become a member of the project he needed to work a lot. Last year he hadn’t gone through the casting. He was rushed to it without any preparation, right from school and due to the excitement hadn’t shown himself good. Eugene whole year was preparing for the new competitive selection, and now we can see the result. This year he will be playing the role of Kolya.

If for the Eugene all is new on the project, some participants can compare the preparation with last year's performances.  Alina Kibus, who is the third time here, said that this year the rehearsals are harder because the musical genre requires simultaneous singing, dancing and acting.

"It's more complicated, but also more interesting," - says Alina.

The serious level of preparation help many children to sustain: Alina have been singing from five years old. Dasha Antonyuk, which, like Alina, came to the project from Zelenogorsk, has been studying pop and jazz singing for eight years of and nine years - dancing. Other participants in the project also are having a good background. The quality of teaching vocal and choreography in their cities, according to the children, allow competing with their peers from cities. And «NucKids» strongly disagree with the statement that they are living in cultural isolation.

"It's a strange stereotype. It is all right with culture in Seversk. There are often well-known plays, including European and American, so we don’t have problems in this sphere ", - says Lev Suslov.

"I can’t feel the gap from civilization. We are living in a normal city. I am trying to go to the performances that come to us, and learn the secrets of the actors ", - said Vlad Tashbulatov from Snezhinsk.

To Moscow? To Moscow!

Despite the love of their native city, most of the actors from «the Stations of a Dream "  understand that in nearest future they will have to conquer the capital, which provides more opportunities for the realization of professional aspirations. And if Leo Suslov and Maxim Lyzlov are still thinking between algebra and harmony, education in their home city or Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Vlad Tashbulatov Dasha Antonyuk, Ksenia Detkova has already decided, "To Moscow! ».

"Of course, we are not from the capital and those of us who will come to Moscow, probably will face problems about what have no idea now. And about such problems is our musical ", - said Vlad Grashkina.

About self-awareness and transformation

In some sense "the Station of a Dream» is rehearsal of adult life, many of actors could be a prototype for their characters. According to the actors, work under the roles has given them a lot in both in stage and in terms of experience. For example, Leo Suslov, who plays the role of Sergei, who dreams to recover, was traveling in "Orlenok" on a wheelchair by instructions of Alexei Frandetti. This leaded him not only understand, but also to feel the problems of people with disabilities.

I was told to travel all day in a camp in a wheelchair. Ramps are only in some part of camp, and pass through was very difficult. Well, I am very lucky that the guys were helping me, I do not understand how disable people here can move without help "- says Lev.

However, the most difficult was not even to cope with a wheelchair, but get used to the character of the hero with his fantastic inner strength.

«I liked the role of Sergei as soon as I have read the script. My character is very strong. He spent all his life in a wheelchair, but he manages to even make fun of it. I have never met such person in my life. Probably, it is superhero "- says Lev.

Dasha Antonyuk, opposite to Leo, can imagine her character because Nastia who are dreaming to call Mikhalkov on her performance – can see herself in her character.

"I'm also planning to enter a theater; I can’t imagine my life without a theatre. I also have, on the one hand - ambition, on the other - modesty "- said Dasha.

Vlada Grashkina, who are dreaming to become a linguist or philologist, acts as Nasty, and imagine her character differently.

"It is good. It is not interesting, when all characters are the same. It is better when each of us brings something differently. I am not going to enter a theater, as Dasha, but I think that I have much in common with Nastia too, maybe some kind of naive. We show the different sides of character on rehearsal, and the director must decide who will be performing on the stage ", - said Vlad.

"I like personal leadership and humility of Nikita. But the main thing is personal leadership. He does everything to find his father, "- says Maxim Lyzlov. "Sveta is crazy like me" - is laughing Ksenia Detkova. But Vlad Tashbulatovu was having more problems, because on the "the Stations of a Dream» he plays his antipode.

"Roma is impulsive and impudent. And I in real life is different - smiles Vlad. - I am a not conflict person, avoid skirmishes. But I was able to play the arrogant Roma. And it was really interesting to understand this character. It was the most difficult ".

Very soon, he with the other guys have to step on the stage, "Orlenok" and share his interpretation of the characters with the audience. And then they will go on a tour to Russia and Hungary. Many of them will come as the stars in their hometown.

"Last year we were often invited to local television, in the newspapers after the return from the project. But we're not conceited, continued playing in the theater, going to school, "- says Vlad Tashbulatov.

Well, we hope that participation in the musical wouldn’t t dizzy young talents and they will finish their school. And will continue to move forward, to Moscow, or to another station of a dream.