2 August 2012
Alexei Frandetti: "There is a problem: ON « NUCKIDS » I became healthier and kinder."

Even for not theater world man it is obvious that the last days before the premiere is the most important and stressful period for both actors and for the director. Especially if the troop is consist of non-professional actors, especially if the artists are children.   Especially if the play is preparing not for six months but for twenty days. About the specifics of the project «NucKids», the lessons, drama shifted emphasis and career prospects of participants will be our conversation with the producer of the musical "The station of a  Dream " Alexey Frandetti.

The ACTORS are CHILDREN but the requirements are as for Adult

- Alex, «Nuclear kids» is the solution of non-standard problem in non-standard conditions. How would you formulate the specific of the project in the year from the point of view of the director of the musical?

Key Features of the project are very complex musical material, deadlines and non-professional actors. I am as director must take into account the physical abilities of children, for example even if I would like to rehearse at night it can’t be done with child. The play is special by the numbers of participants. So, on the one hand, we have children under whom it is necessary to adjust the rehearsal process, on the other hand, it is a very ambitious story.

- Will you evaluate the quality of performances after the premiere by taking into account the age of the actors and the short time of preparation? Or requirements will be like to adults?

My work with children is different from working with professionals only in one: professionals I would not ask to take water and wear panama on rehearsal. In all other aspects I and my team are working with them as with adult artists. And quality requirements will be appropriate. The main roles are playing adult children, many of whom are planning for the next year to enter into dramatic universities. Some of them I would personally recommend to colleagues or take on "Mosfilm". And there they would be required no less than here. So that’s why I want that the project «NucKids-2012" will not only be "Wow, How cool summer I have had!" but also that they would have learned something here.

Children are singing, dancing, drawing and ... changing the SCENARIO

- Alex, you are not only the director of "the station of a Dream» but also the author of idea. The main characters are not so heroic characters as heroes but more heroes of life circumstances. It was made on purpose?

Musical is a massive genre. And heroes should be close to the most of the audience. That’s why we took the most recognizable types and implemented them into our history. On the other hand, we will be only one in the Russian musical theater, who will show a positive hero in a wheelchair. And I'm very proud of that. Not humiliated and insulted but cheerful and the leader of a company. Fortunately, the singer of this role is a good actor, so everything should work out.

 - In the plot young people from the closed cities are going to Moscow. You grew up not in the capital and know what it means to conquer it. How many yourself in these characters.

I guess a little part in everyone. I was making my way through too. But I entered into Moscow Art Theater School from the first time. I was going through hospitals and trying to get references to the military office. Therefore, each character has a small part of me. Well, except Svetka, I think.  She's very funny, only interested in the iPhone, shopping and glam. But meanwhile she is good and very bright person. She presents the central idea: the main is not where you are, but who you are.

However, the musical called "The Station of a Dream» and there is a feeling that the guys are perceiving the story that a dream will come true.

Performance is a real action so during the production of the play accents can be shifted. We have a strong act about dreams, which is loved by children. And when we named the musical "The Station of a Dream» the content became unambiguously. We are not just producing the play. We are realizing a creative project. Guys are dancing, singing, playing; their drawings become part of the scenery. So I decided if they would become co-writer in some sense, it would be great. 

Moscow has much to offer to ambitious young children from the provinces, who decided to become an actor. What participants of the «NucKids» can give to Moscow?

From my personal experience, I can say that some of residents of the capital are not very nice people. They are cold, cynical: the city makes an impact. And Moscow must have some warmth. This is happening all the time with the arrival of new people. And if any who are involved in this project, will stay in the capital, it will only benefit her, because they are not spoiled. And if they could keep this charm, I believe: everything will be okey.

- What prospects do you think «Nuclear Kids» have?  Does the format of the project is viable, talking about professional performance?

The project is becoming better and better every year. I think next year it would be even more complex scenario, with a lot of main characters. Perhaps we should try to make two-hour show with two acts. As for the format, it is quite professional. That's how many of the Western theater companies’ work.

The next question we usually ask the guys, but I want to hear the answer from you: What have you learned from the project?

Work in a large team, in large format and in a large rehearsal space. And what’s more to smoke and swearing less. It is prohibited to swear in front of children, and smoking on territory of the "Orlenok" too. This is a big problem - I became healthier and kinder. Now you have to figure it out how I need to live with it.

Natalia Gubareva, specially for the “NucKids”